No. 4 Story of the Year: Southold approves Mattituck 7-Eleven

12/29/2010 8:02 AM |

FILE PHOTO | A 7-Eleven is planned for where the Citgo gas station sits now.

The owners of the Citgo property on the corner of Factory Avenue and Route 25 in Mattituck got their wish for permission to put a 7-Eleven on the site just in time for Christmas.

The project met with widespread public disdain when it was first proposed by property owners GAZ Realty nearly two years ago.
The proposal was unanimously approved by the town Planning Board on Dec. 13. One of the project’s most vocal opponents, Democratic Party chairman Art Tillman, promised that the board’s action would not be forgotten.

“This Republican elevation of the property rights of one above community concerns will not be ignored in the next local election,” he said in a letter to the editor of The Suffolk Times this December.

Mattituck residents, shop owners and opponents of chain stores launched a petition campaign against the project early in 2009. The original proposal for a 750-square-foot expansion of the existing former Citgo building was denied by Southold’s Zoning Board of Appeals in March 2009.

The property owners scaled back the expansion to 685 square feet, but residents still fought the project. In protests in front of the site last fall and at a public hearing before the Southold Town Planning Board this past spring, they voiced their opposition.
The Planning Board’s vote to approve the project in December was unananimous.

The town is prohibited by state law from discriminating against the owners of chain stores, board members have noted. They also were swayed by the owners’ plans to help ease traffic congestion at the busy intersection by eliminating an entrance to the property that is close to the traffic light at the corner of Route 25 and Factory Avenue.

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  • As usual, the Town Board is disingenuous. “The town is prohibited by state law from discriminating against owners of chain stores” only if the Town Board and the citizens neglect their right to define the community’s values and manifest it in the Town Code. Intelligent and survival-oriented small towns throughout the Northeast keep box and chain stores out by identifying the importance of local businesses and the desire to preserve a community’s historical character. Our boys and girl don’t go there, as it’s bad for their images as “free-enterprisers.” As citizens, we’re not very educated, expect very little, and can’t sustain our attention enough to follow through. We rely on the good graces of our “leaders.” Slurpee, anyone?

  • Get a life, times they are a changing!!!!

  • Complaining is easy. Solving the problem is not.

    As you are complaining, I invite you to help solve the problem:
    Please provide two examples of various town codes from anywhere in the northeast which prohibit chain stores from a locality, with links to the codes.
    Maybe our town board is missing something, or maybe not.

  • At what point will the Southold Town Planning Board, and more importantly, Mattituck residents, realize that the village of Mattituck should not be the “dumping ground” for everything not “desired” elsewhere in Southold? Capt. Pete exemplifies the lack of intelligence and Fred the personal apathy where matters of community and rural character directly affect our community. When will the people of Mattitick finally stand up against the prevailing belief that Mattituck is the commercial holding area for Southold Town? When will the Town and it’s Supervisor realize that what is allowed outside of their “personal” boundaries will soon affect their personal lives? Let us not allow the shallow minds such as that of Capt. Pete, Fred and those on the Town Planning Board (a defining term with which to be reckoned) allow our beautiful hamlet be destroyed for the benefit of others at our expense. This travesty should be the defining line in our defense of Mattituck. Perhaps we should be raising the Gadsden flag on our own behalf?

  • This is the best comment I have read so far. I commend you!

    Southold Town Elected Officials, are you LISTENING??????????????????????/

  • Southold Town Planning Board – enjoy your last term, we may have to get some people in there who ACTUALLY CARE about the quality of life in Southold Town…..

  • I am not complaining, I am stating facts. Solving a problem in a political environment means getting independent knowledge, and not relying on others, who might not have your interests at heart, or are just lazy.

    In the last few years The Group for the East End has published newsletters documenting preservation strategies in our region. I read about the successful programs of other towns in those newsletters, which are available on-line.

    I suggest you do a little work on your own.

    Our Town Board, and by extension we, ARE missing something.

  • So then you have nothing to add but some general political quips and a referral to the Group for the East End. Okay, thanks. I thought you might want to suggest some actual qualitative information. My mistake.

  • Your mistake is that you are obnoxious. I’m not your errand boy…do your own homework.

  • Yawn. And here I was expecting you to add something substantive.
    Never mind, and have a good day.
    PS – Enjoy the 7-11.

  • Yawn. And here I was expecting you to add something substantive.
    Never mind, and have a good day.
    PS – Enjoy the 7-11.

  • Please, Chris I grew up in Mattituck and I think your point of view is a bit extreme. It’s only a 7-11 and there’s building on the site sitting empty and I think that’s more of an eyesore to the community than a brand new 7-11 would ever be. If you ask me the tourist trade brought out to East End due to all the Vineyards springing up all over the place is more grotesque than a 7-11 would ever be. Furthermore, it will serve the community 24-7 as of now you have to drive to either Cutchogue ( which incidently has been there for nearly 40 yrs) or to Riverhead. There are also 7-11’s in Southold and Greenport that went up without so much as a debate, not that I remember anyway. People are so afraid of progress on the NOFO and yet so many negative impact types of progress has been made right under your noses, whether you choose to acknowlegde that or not, that’s your business. If the 7-11 doesn’t go in that spot something else will.(ie. Burger King, Wendy’s etc..) Personally, I’d much rather see a 7-11 go up there than another fast food chain restaurant of which impact the community in a much more negative way. Once, a 7-11 does go up in Mattituck, if not at the Citgo site, it’ll find another perhaps less favorable spot to put up shop. And, the town will have to spend another 2-3 million of your tax money doing an impact study of how traffic will be affected in said area. They have already spent approx. 2 million on a traffic impact study to accomodate the state and federal laws that applied. I think it will be a benefit to the community over time and not nearly the travesty as you described.

  • Marc W, I don’t what the town laws are off hand, But East Hampton Town has a law against chain stores, although it has allowed a Starbucks in, so go figure ? East Hampton Town has many little laws that prohibit certain types of displays as well. ( ie Neon lights, Beer signs etc..) I remember a few years back when Jerry Della Femina ( Madison Ave. Ad Man) and local East Hampton business man, put a pumpkin out in front of his with a sign on it that went against town code, now you want talk ridiculous or what ? There’s nothing wrong with letting a 7-11 go up in Mattituck, if 7-11 doesn’t up in that spot something else surely will.

  • Absolutely, Captain Pete !

  • You small people with your small towns and minds,why do you think old buildings should remain?Greenport is a good example,downtown consists of old delapidated buildings that old people want to preserve.To me Greenport looks run down,put new modern buildings up,NOW!!!

  • Can anyone answer me as to why there are so many banks in Mattituck now? With drive thrus too. When will Macdonalds get one. Oh and as far as the new 7-11, I’m all for it. So excited . Can’t wait!

  • just what we dont need more traffic on that already shity corner

  • Bobby, what makes you think that there’s going more traffic than there already is ? Don’t you think the two new banks going up within a 1/2 mile of that intersection will have just as much of an impact on traffic there, if not more ?

  • hav u drove by a 7 11 lately always pack this town is at the end not enought police an 2 many cheifs

  • Yeah, Bobby I’m out there at three to five times a week to see my Mother. The Town spent approx: 2 million dollars of tax payer money to study the impact of traffic flow regarding the 7-11 going up in that spot and the effect in would have on the ebb and flow of traffic in and around that particular area. And apparently they came to the determination that a 7-11 going in that spot will have little or no detrimental effect to the current traffic conditions that already exist at that intersection, otherwise they would have denied the proposal to allow a 7-11 to be built on that site to begin with and like I’ve said if one doesn’t go up there, it’ll go up some place else and most likely in a less desirable area. And if 7-11 doesn’t go in that spot something else will, because that site will not remain empty for long, I can assure you of that. Would you prefer another “Fast Food” restaurant go up there instead ? I think a 7-11 would be much more beneficial to the community than something like a “Fast Food” joint would ever be and thusly would create much more traffic. Which would you prefer to see go up there ?

  • In reply to “guest” in your reply to Chris Conway, the best comment so far ? Are you kiddin’ me, you can’t both be so narrowminded and anti-progressive. It’s gonna happen and when it does you’ll be glad you have a 7-11 to go to in Mattituck rather than drive to Cutchogue or Riverhead to get half-gallon of milk or whatever else you can’t get after mid-night anywhere in Mattituck. So suck it up guys, don’t be so afraid of change or progress it’s not always a bad thing, you’ll see.

  • Well, I was out in my Hometown, Mattituck just the other day and it would appear that progress won out in the END ! I see that the construction for the new 7/11 is underway and all I can say, It’s about damn time ! If you’re so upset about the 7/11 construction take a ride through the village (Love Lane) to be specific, no one seem to be complaining about that eye-sore right in middle of town.

  • Well, I was out in my Hometown, Mattituck just the other day and it would appear that progress won out in the END ! I see that the construction for the new 7/11 is underway and all I can say, It’s about damn time ! If you’re so upset about the 7/11 construction take a ride through the village (Love Lane) to be specific, no one seem to be complaining about that eye-sore right in middle of town.