Oysterponds column: Pianist Alexandria Le performs at Poquatuck Hall

A very special concert will take place this Sunday, Jan. 23, at 4 p.m. at Poquatuck Hall. Accomplished pianist Alexandria Le will perform Beethoven’s Fantasy in G minor, Op. 77; Brahms’ Seven Fantasies, Op. 116; and Schubert’s “Wanderer” Fantasy in C major, Op. 15. There’s no admission charge but any donations will go toward a new floor for the hall. Contact Jane Smith at [email protected] or 323-1378 for more details.

Speaking of Poquatuck’s floor, the process of ripping up the existing floor will start in the next couple of weeks. As the renovation unravels the OCA board will evaluate the feasibility of its long and well thought-out plan and decide whether Plan B or Plan C will need to be put into action. Cross your fingers — and feel free to throw in a donation for the project.

OHS launches a winter traditional craft series on Saturday with rug hooking by “master hooker” Gail Horton. (I know that’s not the first time you’ve heard that … [smile].) For more info call the historical society at 323-2480.

I had mostly given up reporting ho-hum small worlds, but I was tickled by one this week. I was shopping at Bealls in Port St. Lucie, Fla., on Saturday and kept looking at a woman. Sarah began scolding that I was obviously staring at her. I told Sarah the woman was a double for former longtime Orienteer Bonnie Rose. It took five more minutes for it to set in that it had to actually be Bonnie Rose. I chased after her and sure enough, it was Bonnie, escaping her upstate N.Y. home and spending the winter in Fort Pierce. It was fun catching up. All is well in her family with a few new grandchildren, etc.

Then, as I had dinner at EPCOT Saturday night, a man being seated at the next table was wearing a jacket with Sag Harbor Fire Department on it. When I identified where we were from, he said, “Small world.” Yuppers.

When Sarah was little she used to say that I never embarrassed her. I know these days I test that statement often. This week’s visualize this was part of that testing. I had a mini-sized hand lotion whose orange scent I loved. Turns out it came from Bath and Body Works but I had snagged it on one of my gypsy travels. Well, it let loose all over the bottom of my purse so I tossed the bottle and every time I opened the purse a wonderful fragrance wafted out so decided I really wanted to get another. I traveled from store to store asking clerks to smell my purse to identify the scent. Sarah pretended she didn’t know me.

Gas was $3.01 a gallon in Orlando on Saturday, but sadly, not for long.

Healing wishes to Pep Kalin, who hopefully is feeling rejuvenated after his surgery last week.

It’s always fun to have a N.Y. team in the playoffs. GO JETS!

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