Oysterponds-Orient-East Marion: birds, concerts and small worlds

It’s awfully early to talk birds, especially since as I type the thermometer is displaying a bone-chilling zero degrees. Honestly I only know that because of the “dashboard alert” here on my “puter.” It’s a balmy 70 degrees in Jensen Beach, Fla., and I’m not complaining.

OK, so back to the birds. Bird lady Laura Westlake sent an e-mail early last week reporting a female redwing blackbird at her feeder. She thought it was a fluke, she said, until the male appeared shortly on her tail. She was wondering who else might have spotted them and I could answer because moments before Priscilla Bull had told me she was harboring a flock of the non-migrating birds in her backyard. It’s such a family thing with the Terry family and birds, since matriarch Martha always had a sparrow or a robin being nursed back to health on the kitchen counter. Oysterponds sure is a special place.

Speaking of special places, thanks to all who supported the Don McNeill memorial organ concert last week. As always, Jason Cockerill did an outstanding job and you can watch/hear it yourself on YouTube by typing in “Jason’s Orient concert.” Two different videos will pop up.

Speaking of concerts, as Jane Smith was introducing pianist Alexandria Le at Poquatuck Hall Sunday she thanked everyone for 1. Braving the cold and 2. Abandoning their TV sets and opting for the concert instead of the playoff game. She followed that with, “Just so you will know, the score is 14-0 so far.” When she was asked who was winning, she responded: “Who’s winning? Duh [or the equivalent thereof], I don’t even know who’s playing!”

Heather Walker wants to make sure everyone knows how grateful she is for the response to her Warm Hands, Warm Hearts project, to which generous folks (especially the Greenport Rotary) donated over 326 pairs of gloves. For those of you who lose track of these things, it’s been a year since Heather had her horrific accident in NYC, where she was run over by a limo. She has since had more than a dozen surgeries. Oysterponds is giving thanks that she has mended as well as she has and is a walking medical miracle.

Speaking of Heather, last week I was walking down the main drag in Stuart, Fla., and ran smack into her folks, Sue and Joe Cherepowich, who were exiting the Lyric Theater. If we had synchronized our watches and planned to meet we probably would never had been so exact. Small world.

Pray for a miracle for Pep Kalin. His recent procedure didn’t go as well as hoped and he suffered a stroke. He hopefully will be tucked back in Orient soon.

The next OHS Winter Craft series will be Introduction to Knitting, led by Doris Coniglio. These classes will be held from 6-8:30 p.m. on four consecutive Thursday evenings, beginning Feb. 3. Call 323-2480 to sign up.
A good cure for cabin fever is the monthly fellowship supper at the Congregational church. The next one is Wednesday, Feb. 2, at 6:30 p.m. All are welcome.

Speaking of ‘all are welcome,’ that has been the policy for the homeless at John’s Place and much of the burden has been carried by many of Oysterponds’ “saints.” In hopes of relieving some of that burden, the Congregational church has been housing the overflow of guests. They can really use some help with doing that. Call Pastor Ann at 323-2665 to see how you can help. (Did I hit the “speaking of” limit yet?)

Meanwhile, think warm thoughts and hope the groundhog sees his shadow.