Oysterponds: EMCA potluck, PTA clothing sale

Don’t we all love it when a plan comes together? If that’s the case, there’s a lot to love on Village Lane this week. Go to and check out the pics as OCA closes in on the end stages of restoring the floor. Many, many thanks to Mike Prindle, Steve Kohl, Rich Gillooly, Mo Aguilera and Joe Miranda, who did all of the labor free! Oysterponds is grateful to these special folks, who understand what giving back to the community means. While I’m at it, one more time, this floor isn’t paid for yet. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to keep the wolves from the door — or floor, so to speak. The address is P.O. Box 34, Orient, NY 11957.

Speaking of community, don’t forget the East Marion Community Association’s Cabin Fever Potluck this Saturday, Feb. 26, from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. at the East Marion firehouse. Please bring a dish that serves six. Beverages will be provided. Confirm your attendance or just show up. Call 477-2819 or e-mail [email protected]

I’m not sure if there are any tickets left, but don’t forget the Orient Fire Department steak night this Saturday. Ask around; someone might have a ticket.

The next OHS winter workshop, “Dying to Knit and Crochet,” starts next Wednesday, March 2, for three weeks. The fee is $15 per person plus materials. Call 323-2480 to register.

Mark Getches, son of Oysterponds Lane’s Hope Getches, got in touch to share a cute story. Daughter Lindsey, a senior at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., recently received a letter from the dean’s office but hesitated to open it, thinking such correspondence meant she was in trouble. Quite the contrary! The letter was to notify her that she’d made the dean’s list. Other happy news is that Lindsey has been offered a job as soon as she graduates in May. Congratulations all around!

The Oysterponds PTA will be selling hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, flannel PJ pants, T-shirts and fleece blankets with the Oysterponds lighthouse logo. Prices run from $10 to $25 and the sale ends next Friday, March 4. To order to get info, call the school at 323-2410 or co-coordinating parent Debra Swiskey at 477-3391.

A couple of weeks back, former longtime East Marioneer George Morton e-mailed from Midwest City, Okla., to share details of his surprise wedding anniversary party. If memory serves, he and his bride were married in the Philippines Jan. 30, 1976, so No. 35 was special surrounded by family and friends. George, I lost the e-mail and tried to contact you, so if you want to share more get back to me. I do seem to remember the gist was that everything is well in Oklahoma and he sends his best to all.

OK, a quick visualize this. Last week I darted outside in my PJs for the usual retrieval of my morning paper when I heard a cacophony of clanging bells, whistles and sirens. I stood there perusing the headlines and thinking, “Wow! Someone sure has a loud, strange phone ringer.” Then I realized I hadn’t disengaged my burglar alarm and would soon be entertaining the police in my nightclothes. The sad part is with all that noise no one popped outside his or her door to see if I was being murdered.

Twenty-five days till spring.