Slide Show: The newest (and youngest) black belt around

03/27/2011 2:18 PM |

Billy Donahue, 8, of Greenport has been practicing Tae Kwon Do techniques for more than two years, initially starting three days a week, and quickly expanding to six days a week at Expert Martial Arts in Aquebogue.

The Greenport Elementary School third grader passed the black belt test with flying colors Saturday and is now certainly among the youngest students to ever achieve that rank in the Korean martial art.

See the March 31 edition of The Suffolk Times to read more.

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BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Black belt martial arts instructors and co-owners Sung Choi (left) and Joongwoo Kang administer the 'black belt' test to Billy Donahue (center).



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  • Coming from a fellow black belt , formally from the same school under the original Master (Master Kim) whom pat away a year ago, I am very proud of Billy’s accomplishment. Becoming a black-belt requires, not only technical skills, but a mature mind set that is able to analyze difficulties and solve a particular situation. These skills are not only for self defense but also life management at any age.

  • Billy’s class and teacher are so proud of his accomplishment.
    Great job, Billy!!!!

  • Billy’s class and his teacher are so proud of his accomplishment.
    His hard work has paid off. Great work, Billy!!!!

  • Billy, I am so proud of you. What a great work and dedication to the martial art of Tae Kwon Do. Congratulations!

  • 8 yrs old? Practiced 2 whole years? Black belt? Couldn’t happen at my dojo.

  • I should add a congrats to the young boy, I’m sure he worked hard for it. But the mental mindset of a master of martial arts cannot be obtained at his age or in the time frame he’s been training. Takes about 10 yrs. I only fear that he may overestimate his abilities and get truly injured. A real BB test is behind closed doors and not a public event also.

  • Being a blackbelt myself I will add to this comment. I know that to become a blackbelt is not about a minimum amount of time put in or a specific curriculum that you can do, there is more to being a blackbelt than skills alone – it is a state of mind. State of mind; very important for all practicioners and masters to remember. The time it takes to become a blackbelt can take each person a different amount of time that depends on the student’s capabilities and understanding and also the master knowing that the student is able to promote.
    Now, some schools like to make money and turn people into blackbelts as quick as possible and make the money on testing. Others, that claim that it takes 6-10 years to get a blackbelt, is no different because they make the money on monthly dues, which by the way generates a bigger income.
    To judge and make claims on a student not being ready in 2 years or 6 years is only up to the master and not that of a jealous school