Budget deal restores some state aid to Southold schools

03/31/2011 2:08 PM |

Southold Town’s school districts weren’t expecting much in the way of state aide this year, and even with funds restored in the state budget agreement announced this week, all local schools will received less next year.

By percentage, Oysterponds takes the largest hit. It will receive $296,586 , 11.5 percent below this year’s aid.

Southold drops 10.89 percent to $1,56 million, virtually identical to Mattituck-Cutchogue’s 10.88 percent reduction. Mattituck will get $2.59 million in state assistance for the 2011-2012 school year.

Greenport took a lesser hit at a 4.42 percent reduction and will receive $1.12 million.

Governor Andrew Cuomo had called for a 15 percent across the board cut in school aid, but with the additional funded added by the legislature, the cut averages 7 percent. As is usual in a state that often misses the April 1 budget adoption deadline, North Fork school districts factored in Mr. Cuomo’s numbers in preparing next year’s budgets.

Lawmakers say the legislature did the best it could in a stormy fiscal climate.

“Long Island’s traditional share of school aid, though reduced, will be in line with what it has received in the past,” said State Sen. Kenneth LaValle (R-Port Jefferson). “I do not expect to hear that programs for our children will be eliminated. This is the time to start redesigning the education process so that taxpayers are getting the maximum investment for their dollars,” he said.

Freshman Assemblyman Dan Losquadro (R-Shoreham) said the state made “tough but necessary“ decisions to close a $10 billion deficit.

“While lawmakers were able to restore some funding to Long Island school districts, more needs to be done to lower the burdens our state places on local governments and school districts,” he said.

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  • State Sen. Kenneth LaValle (R-Port Jefferson). “I do not expect to hear that programs for our children will be eliminated? Do you have your head in the sand. Basics are getting cut across Long Island. If you ever learned 5th grade addition and subtraction you would understand that if the state does nothing to lower costs (mandates, pensions, healthcare, regulations), and costs have risen greatly (40% rise in pension cost in 1 year) then reducing the aid by 10% across Long Island would have a devastating impact. PLEASE address the costs side of the balance sheet. We are desperate for quality schools through REFORM. Parents across Long Island are seeing their children’s future robbed so irresponsible politicians can have nice sound bites.