Oysterponds: OHS items, Poquatuck improvements and more

Next up in the OHS winter lecture series is a presentation by Dr. Robert Bramson titled “Medicine on the High Seas: The Tribulations of East End Sailors 1700-1900.” The date is next Saturday, March 12, at the Peconic Landing community center auditorium. Call 323-2480 or visit for more info.

Speaking of OHS, when William Steeple Davis artist-in-residence Annie Wildey saw one of her paintings on the cover of Dan’s Papers on Friday, a spontaneous champagne celebration erupted at the Country Store. It was just what Orient needed on a cold winter afternoon. If you missed her exhibit, OHS has extended it till this Sunday, March 6.

While we’re on the William Steeple Davis House, has anyone heard how former residents Joan and Ron Druett, who came to us from Christchurch, New Zealand, made out in the recent earthquake? So far no one has responded to me that they’ve heard from them. Prayers for good news on their situation.

Thanks to many of you, Lauren Gillooly has reached her $30,000 fundraising goal and will be taking 22 eighth-graders from Marvell, Ark., to NYC on March 23. You can share in all the excitement at

Rumor has it you will all be very impressed when you step inside Poquatuck Hall in the next few weeks. The floor is nearing completion and will be unveiled as soon as it’s patched and dry. While that project is not fully paid for there is a sore need for the next one: The handicapped access ramp needs to be replaced. It is in very bad shape. At one point a while back, I asked for a potential Eagle Scout to take this on as a project but barring that, how about a community group grabbing it by the tail and running with it like the fire department did with the flagpole? Please go check out what needs to be done and help OCA come up with a plan.

Pep Kalin is slowly but surely making his way back home from his recent medical crisis. He’s currently a resident at Westhampton Care Center. The address there is 78 Old Country Road, Westhampton, NY 11977.

With the suffering economy, I’ve recently gone to some Internet sites to see what my next career might be. The last one, which was sent to me three days in a row from, was a local restaurant wanting a skating carhop waitress. Is that a visualize this or what? (I am talking about me on those skates.)

Betty Baker is hoping to find a good home for a mature cat. If you can find it in your heart to take her, in get in touch.

There have been lots of reports of red-winged blackbirds (the migrating ones) all over town. After all, spring is less than three weeks away. Please report other wildlife sightings.

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