Senior Citizens’ News


We had one great meeting on Thursday, March 24. In one way we had a real education and in another way it was delicious.

First, we had a really great guest who was young, smart, funny and a thorough joy as she taught us about bees and honey. We learned from Laura Klahre of Southold, a beekeeper, never to look at a jar of honey again without finding out where it came from and what flowers the bees digested to give the honey its distinctive color. Honey is not just something delicious to eat, but also a remedy for many ills. So we had a delicious, delightful and delovely day.

Now, because we could afford it, at this meeting our recreation person, Paula Johnson, brought us as a special treat King Kullen’s great donuts. We all had at least two if we so desired; because of the early morning snow several members were missing, mainly those who woke up early, saw the heavy snow, figured the meeting would be canceled and went back to sleep. As most of us found out by 10 a.m., the sun came out.

Travel lady Eleanor Lingo is running a trip to Niagara Falls and environs May 23-27 and still has room for more. Her number is 765-3982.

We celebrated the 90th birthday of Ruth Covatti, who did not look her age. Happy birthday, Ruth — how do you do it?

Hang your flags up high and keep praying for our service people. See you soon.