Slide Show: Mattituck High School Drama Club to present ‘Lockdown’ and ‘The Audition’

04/10/2011 6:25 AM |

The Mattituck High School Drama Club will present two short plays, “Lockdown” and “The Audition” at the high school auditorium April 13, 14, and 15.

“Lockdown” is a heartwrenching look into the goings-on in a high school classroom that is on lockdown because of a possible emergency situation in their school. In the second play, “The Audition,”  the audience sees into the lives of various students trying out for a place in “A Chorus Line.”

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KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO | The Mattituck High School Drama Club presents "Lockdown."



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  • the real “lock down” that occurred (would provide actual data but when searching for ‘ORIGINAL” ARTICLE from the “times” i am confronted with “NO RESULTS” (SOOOORRRRYYYYY!!!! i already read THE article earlier…………..maybe it is in my favorites) must have been VERY TRAUMATIC FOR THE HIGH SCHOOLERS(“THE GOING-ONS “IN A HIGH SCHOOL”‘ it was MATTITUCK HIGH SCHOOL ) LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN ( fyi—thats how PTSD develops) (HEY!!!! WHY DONT ONE OF YOU STUDENTS SLIP THE TRUTH IN ——it would be for the benefit of all IF NOT FOR YOUR OWN SELF RESPECT) (looks like some good acting) JUST ONE MORE THOUGHT…………………..DOES ART IMITATE LIFE OR DOES LIFE IMITATE ART!?!?!? that question i leave for you……………………….peace.

  • “Lockdown” was written by Canadian playwright Douglas Craven and was first performed in 2006 and published in 2008. The official synopsis reads: “In a dark classroom, eight students sit in an ‘official lockdown,’ not knowing if it’s just a drill or an actual emergency. When a hysterical younger girl bolts from the room and the teacher follows, the remaining students are left alone to decide if it’s safer to stay or run.”

  • thankz for the FYI———— i truly appreciate it. it actually makes my above point more logical and truthworthy. i will definitely have to read it. but with my comment i was trying to go “deeper” into the bigger picture. i am going to take some time now and “google” the article i read about the “real” lockdown at mattituck high. since the “times” tell me ” NO RESULTS”. MAYBE i will just ask my nephew. he was there. (and i do still hope some student will do the “right thing” and accept “my” challenge) they are trying to rewrite mattituck high history right before our eyes. (did something go serioUSly wrong with the “real lockdown” at MATTITUCK HIGH!?!?!?)peace TO ALL WHO ARE GOOD ON THE NORTH FORK.

  • SOMEONE PLEASE ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE……………….(“thankz (ahead of time) “we” will ALL benefit………………peace!!!!!

  • its odd that “NO RESULTS” comes up when i search for the “times” article on the “real’ lockdown that took place at MATTITUCK HIGH. ITS kinda(ARE YOU KIND?) SCARY actually. and than the next thing i think of is BENJAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE to scott russell “why cant i get access to town council meeting(s) video”? ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE “REPUBLICANS” (again it must be known that i see NO distinction between “the parties” EXCEPT if you are a TRUE INDEPENDENT without a “private” agenda(which just lumps them into the first crowd) that want to try to eradicate THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT———- I WILL MAKE MY PROPHECY HERE OFFICIAL———– EVERYONE START ASKING FOR YOUR ANSWERS BEFORE YOU NO LONGER CAN by law. it could be as soon as the end of the summer!!!!!!!(“THEY” are trying to do the same in this state……….and something tells me across the board.)

  • Wow! You are very deep. Very very deep. Good luck.

  • Wow! You are very deep. Very very deep. Good luck.

  • thank you M—VALIDATION has been ALL i have ever asked for…………………PEACE AND PROSPERITY TO YOU AND YOURS!!!!!!

  • thank you M- VALIDATION is ALL i have asked for……………..PEACE AND PROSPERTITY TO YOU AND YOURS.

  • @MURALZZ Your rantings are really inappropriate and divert attention away from the fact that the students are performing a play that is relevant to their own experience as well as to the experiences of any number of students throughout the country who have dealt with a lockdown.

  • are you a “sleepwalker” too!?!?!? “relevant to their experience” but they CANT claim that it happened to THEM at mattituck high.(and again even more “relevant” to “us” ALL) is WHERE IS(?) the “real” article I READ in the”times” about the”real lockdown” AT MATTITUCK HIGH!?!?!? just think NOW if you want to know the”TRUTH” ABOUT about “that lockdown” in mattituck—-in your search all you will find is reference to some “play”(thats NOT “real”…………..)HISTORY HAS BEEN REWRITTEN!!!!!!!!!(i will repeat again this is the classic example of the etiology of PTSD!!!) “rantings”(are you and teetow(?) related ?) peace.(oh!! ARE YOU AWAKE yet!?!?!?)

  • ya! i know two “abouts” thankz M-

  • i am a student at mattituck high school and our play has nothing to do with the lockdown we had over a year ago. you just look and sound dumb trying to make it more than what it is- a high school play.

  • shut the hell up

  • No. No relation. You really do rant incomprehensively.

  • Sorry. You rant incomprehensibly; not incomprehensively. Damn spell checker.