Guest Column: My money is going to private schools

04/14/2011 3:00 AM |

In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court court ruled last week in Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn that only the individual can determine how their school taxes are to be spent. That means if they wish their school tax to go to support a private school or scholarship, the government can not interfere.

You may now notify your school district if you want to send your child to a private school and your school taxes go to pay the tuition. You might remember that President Obama discontinued the school voucher program in Washington D.C. during his first year in office.

What is the upside of a private education? They turn out a better product.

The curriculums in private schools are morally and politically sound without the prejudices of progressive socialist communist ideology. Private schools are not top heavy with superintendents or bad tenured teachers who fail to produce. Private Schools are not subject to the dictatorial union whims.

Private schools do not tolerate disruptive students, which makes for a more conducive learning environment. The disruptive students are expelled to the public school, which reduces the learning ability of the other students.

Eventually the progressive public schools will be stigmatized as dumping grounds for troubled youths and thus stigmatizing all the students who attend them. The fact is discipline begets more law-abiding and productive citizens. Also more than 90 percent of private high school students go on to college.

In all fairness, not all public schools provide a substandard education. However, many of the good teachers in the public school system are handicapped if they are enthusiastic about teaching and putting a little extra into the curriculum.

That may embarrass their co-workers who are less likely to work harder and go the extra mile.

I know of one North Fork teacher who was asked to resign by the principle because of peer pressure by the tenured teachers in that grade.

I know many parents in Mattituck who will verify that this was not the first time this has happened. Fortunately they now have a choice as to where they feel their children will receive the better education.

As a grandparent and taxpayer I intend to stipulate as to where my school taxes will provide a scholarship to support a private school on the North Folk. I’m tired of what the progressive public schools are teaching the children of this nation.

It’s time to demand the best bang for your buck. Tell the progressive public schools the bell is tolling for them.

Mr. Dengel is a resident of Peconic.



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  • A Socialist is not a Communist; a Communist is not a Socialist.

    A country can be Communist (Marxist-Leninist) such as Cuba, Laos, Vietnam and even, such as The People’s Republic of China where most of the appliances in your house come from. One can always refuse to buy Red goods and be a real American.

    A country can be Socialist without being Red such as France, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Spain, etc. One can always refuse to eat French Fries, Hungarian Goulash, Norwegian Sardines, etc. and be a real American.

    Of course, one can always appear informed and intelligent by keeping their mouths shut and only open it when commenting on something you know about.

  • The writer should have gone to my “progressive public school,” where we learned how to spell “principal” when referring to the guy in charge.

  • I learned how to spell ‘principal’ in a public school. I also learned the difference between socialism and communism in a public school. A ‘principle’ is not a ‘peer’ of teachers, so a ‘principle’ can not receive ‘peer pressure’ from teachers to get another teacher to resign. I learned what a ‘peer’ is in public school.
    Most important of all, I learned to read and interpret the written word. A quick review of the case cited by Dengel shows that he has not learned these skills. This case addresses a tax credit program in Arizona whereby individual taxpayers get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when they contribute to ‘school tuition organizations;’ these organizations pass the money along to provide scholarships to private-school students. This has nothing to do with directing individual school taxes anywhere. The reason this is under review is to clarify the tax credit given to individuals vs. governmental support of religious institutions. I hope Mr. Dengel reads up on facts before opening his mouth next time.

  • That is one of the best,honest and call it like it is articles. We need choice in education but the union will hate you!

  • Well said. soon we will have choice to send our kids and tax vouchers where we want but the union will fight to the death as per NYSUT UUP

  • Well said. soon we will have choice to send our kids and tax vouchers where we want but the union will fight to the death as per NYSUT UUP

  • Whoa! You state, “The curriculums in private schools are morally and politically sound without the prejudices of progressive socialist communist ideology” and “What is the upside of a private education? They turn out a better product.”

    C’mon! This is all or nothing thinking, and a tad elitist. I went to a”progressive public school”, I attended community college at night (graduated) while raising two kids and holding down a full time job. I turned out to be a pretty “good product!”

    Speaking of which, check out Kenny Pelczar who was as 2002 graduate of Riverhead High school. He won three Emmys for photojournalism…..Hmm….I suppose Riverhead High School qualifies as a
    “progressive socialist school.” Methinks they turned an “excellent product.”

    I teach a Sunday school class of wonderful 13 years olds; they other-centered and smart, and they all attend a “progressive socialist school.” Methinks they too will turn out to be a “superior product.”

    I rest my case.

  • Better yet, stop taxing for schools and let the parents pay for their own. Taxpayers without children don’t even get to have a say on where voucher money goes. Also, why is Dengel a guest column and not just a letter to the editor? No credentials are provided to validate this position.

  • Yes, the writer has some errors…mistakes can be made. However, he makes an excellent point. He also points out that “not all public school provide a substandard education”. That is a powerfully true statement. BUT however, private schools do a MUCH better job. Sending our children to private school shouldn’t be such a struggle and getting that kind of quality education should not be only for the “rich”. But unfortunately it is usually the case. We sent our son to private school for 1 year…The cost was LESS than what it costs per pupil in our district. (although we had to pick up the bill). He learned more in that one year and even came home and said that what he liked BEST about private school was the ability to concentrate and focus because everyone looked the same (uniforms) and expectations were not only set high but enforced. In other words, little to no wiggle room for actions and consequences. Teachers worked many more hours for much less pay because they LOVE what they do and their focus was on teaching our children and making them into better citizens. It wasn’t about standardized testing or extra pay for staying late after school.
    Read this article again..Mr. Dengel says much more than meets the eye.

  • His entire premise for this ‘opinion piece’ is flawed insofar as he’s basing his comments on his misreading of a Supreme Court decision. That’s not a ‘mistake’ but a deliberate ignorance of easily checked facts. No one here is saying all public schools are better or worse than all private schools. Many public schools are highly competitive; many private schools cater to the kinds of kids who get tossed out of other schools. That’s not the basis of an opinion piece; it’s a simple statement easily verified by research.
    The ‘writer’ of this piece had a political agenda to spew and someone gave him a venue. Too bad he went to the Glenn Beck School of Constitutional Interpretation. When I read his sort of trash, I love to substitute ‘religious school of a religion he hates’ for ‘private school’ and think about how that would make him feel.
    You know what would make an interesting piece? A story about why private schools on the whole tend to be more orderly places that send more children to college than public schools on the whole. I daresay the ‘writer’ of this screed wouldn’t be up to the research such a paper would require.