Southold considers raising wind power limits

04/14/2011 6:01 AM |

ERIN SCHULTZ FILE PHOTO | Workers install the 100 kilowatt wind turbine at Half Hollow Nursery in Laurel last year. Southold Town may allow windmills this size in the near future..

Southold is almost ready to allow residents to make more power from wind.

After a recent request from Pindar Vineyards to build a 100 kilowatt wind turbine at its Peconic vineyard, the town is considering raising the maximum electrical output currently allowed for wind turbines here from 25 to 100 kilowatts.

The maximum allowable height for turbines would remain capped at the current 120 feet.

The prospective code changes have been sent to the town’s code committee for review.

Pindar’s turbine would be the same size as one recently installed at Half Hollow Nursery in Laurel. The nursery is in Riverhead Town, which already allows 100 kilowatt turbines.

Town Supervisor Scott Russell said at Tuesday’s Town Board work session that 100 kilowatts seemed to be a sweet spot for owners of large properties who plan to install turbines, offering the most power for the money they must spend to install them.

“I don’t have an objection to going bigger on the machines,” he said. “If you let larger machines on line, you need less machines.”

Southold Town Board member Chris Talbot is planning to convene a regional summit on wind energy later this year to learn what other towns allow in their wind codes, consider whether Southold should follow suit and explore any concerns the wind power industry has with current regulations.

Mr. Talbot said he’d heard from people in the industry that higher kilowatt wind turbines turn slower and are less noisy than smaller machines.

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  • Tragic and very disconcerting regarding the happenings in Japan. The prospect of a nuclear accident, earthquakes or tsunamis hitting the North Fork , where escape routes, are practically non-existent very scary, indeed.

  • This is an ignorant, reactive article on Shoreham. Ignorant in the sense that the author does not have sufficient information to make such an assessment. Fear is best served this way.

  • I remember reading an account by a worker from the boilermakers union describing how shoddy the construction was at Shoreham. That about says it all.

    And the aging Connecticut Yankee nuclear installation, visible from parts of the North Fork, has had its share of problems, as has the Indian Point plant on the Hudson.

    Of course the comment is reactive. It asks “what if” what happened in Japan happened here.

  • So the town of Southold spent the last 10 years fighting against cell phone towers because the towers would ruin our scenic, bucolic vistas, and now we are going to populate those same scenic, bucolic vistas with giant windmills, all in the name of being “green.”

  • I’m no fan of the windmills, but at 120 feet, they are much shorter than cell phone towers.

  • No, not at all. Actually, 120′ is the height of an average cell tower.

  • Southold Town will host the The East End Wind Symposium in May, which will be the fourth and probably final meeting, we have been working with four of the five east end towns, Islip Town, Suffolk County Planning Commission, and National Grid as well as local industry professionals to try and bring a more uniformed code to the area.
    As far as the difference in sound, it came from me standing under and around each of the turbines.

  • There are like 8000 telephone poles spoiling the beautiful view on Sound Ave. for the sole reason that the phone companies were too cheap to put it underground. But people are going worry about a few wind turbines, which will actually be doing something productive?

  • can i put up a wind mill @ my house, pretty please, let me please. oh that’s right i do not own a winery. They need huge power so they can run their commercial kitchens. I did not know you needed
    that much electric to grow grapes.

  • you are a clown. period. pick up a paper and educate yourself. all in the name of being “green”? i suppose that the preservation of your “scenic, bucolic vistas” is more important than taking steps to better the world we live in? but i bet you have all the answers already, right? please enlighten us over posted comments on the suffolk times website.