Mattituck-Laurel: Students’ art show at library, PTSA fashion show

You can tell spring is finally here when you see local kids running track, playing lacrosse, hitting a baseball, going on field trips and participating in all sorts of other events. Our students are buzzing with excitement about all the activities that are so important to their school experience.

Today, 113 eighth-graders and their volunteer chaperones are headed to Washington, D.C., for their annual three-day excursion. This trip becomes a memory that our students speak about long after they have graduated.
Another group of students, our high school Jazz Ensemble, has just returned from Boston. Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Music, our musicians, accompanied by Mr. McKenna, Mr. Caskin and Ms. Ryan, were able to compete once again. The ensemble faced some stiff competition but finished in second place. Bravo!

For the first time, MHS hosted the Section XI Sports for the Challenged event last week. Over 100 athletes from schools all across Suffolk County competed. Special thanks go to all the teachers, parents, administrators and, most of all, the student volunteers who made this one of the best events Section XI has seen this year.

Just when you think the kids are involved in enough, our art students begin to shine. The work of more than 200 students will be displayed this month at Mattituck-Laurel Library. Take a moment to head over there and check it out; you will truly be inspired. There will be a reception for the young artists on Monday, April 11, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

Mike Cortese wants to remind everyone that the Rotary Club of Southold will host its annual chicken and ribs (or salmon) dinner at the Soundview Restaurant on April 26 from noon to 8 p.m. The cost is $20 and takeout is available.

Lady golfers are wanted for a nine-hole league at Island’s End in Greenport that will play Wednesdays at 4 p.m. May 11-Oct. 12. The cost is $25 with cart (required), $30 to join (prize money) and $35 to register for handicap. Everyone must have a handicap: 10 for 18 holes or 20 for nine holes. You may use old score cards. Pay the $65 by May 1 with a check payable to Island’s End Golf Course. For more info call Barbara Koch, 765-3464, or Bill Fish, 477-0777, ext. 16.

Birthday balloons will fly over the homes of the following April babies this week: Johnno Ascher on the 8th; Edna Schaedel, who celebrated with her family with a trip to Broadway, on the 9th; Brianna Gatz on the 10th; David Harbes, Jill Ball and Rose Green on the 11th; Jessica Zaweski, Trisha Tarpey and Dan Bruno on the 12th; and Kelly Kraebel and Darla Doorhy on the 13th.

Tonight is the PTSA Fashion Show and, as you read this, its members and more than 90 senior models are hard at work on the event. This sold-out show promises to be amazing! Special thanks to the local businesses, community members, parents and teachers who once again showed generosity and support by providing prizes for the auction and raffles and the fashions the students will wear. Shop locally and support those who support our kids!