This week’s public meetings

05/05/2011 8:53 AM |

9 a.m. Southold Zoning Board of Appeals, Town Hall.
5 p.m. Greenport Planning Board work session, Third Street firehouse.
7 p.m. Mattituck Park District, Veterans Memorial Park.

4 p.m. Southold Planning Board work session; 6 p.m. regular meeting, Town Hall.
7 p.m. Oysterponds Board of Education budget hearing.

9 a.m. Southold Town Board work session; 7:30 p.m. regular meeting, Town Hall.
7 p.m. Greenport Board of Education budget hearing.
7 p.m. New Suffolk Board of Education budget hearing.
7:30 p.m. Mattituck-Cutchogue Board of Education budget hearing, high school auditorium.
7:30 p.m. Mattituck Fire District.
7:30 p.m. Southold Fire District.
8 p.m. Cutchogue Fire District.



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  • Congratulations for a great decision by Suffolk County! A great step toward a safer, cleaner community.

    Personally I have heard the head of environmental affairs for Lowes give a presentation on why they stopped selling this. Mr. Lindsay is right on target with what they said to the New York Academy of Sciences in 2007.

    Why or if they continue to use it on their lots is up to speculation.

    This puts the number of citizens under a ban in this country to over 10 million or about 1 in 30 people.

  • It is very curious why Mr. Lindsay pushed this through so quickly. Considering the following:
    -The USGS scientist have now crossed over to environmental activist since they chose to align themselves with an environmentalist group
    -These was not health or safety determination by the county
    -There is no evidence that sealers contribute to any PAHs in the county
    -Mr. Lindsay believes the precautionary principle (non-science based) is a valid method of risk abatement.
    -There is evidence that this ban will damage business of local business. Since Mr. Lindsay does not know the first thing about running a business, perhaps that may be the problem.

    Good job Lindsay, you have made the unemployment rate worse. I hope Suffolk County realizes what thorn Lindsay is to the community.

    Tom Ennis is from Austin, TX and a activist to ban sealer. He also does not have his facts straight.


  • ask Lowe’s stores what is the required sealer to be used on their parking lots, that’s right, it’s coal tar. PAH’s are in most every product that has been made by fossil fuel resourses, tires, oil, gas, anti-freeze, coal, and the like. Do you know that coal tar is in many vitamins and most anti-dandriff shampoos????