Doherty tapped to fill Orlando’s place on GOP ticket

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05/04/2011 3:40 PM |
TIM KELLY PHOTO | Trustee Jill Doherty will appear on the GOP ticket for Southold Town Board this November.

TIM KELLY PHOTO | Trustee Jill Doherty will appear on the GOP ticket for Southold Town Board this November.

Trustee Jill Doherty has been tapped by the Southold GOP to fill the hole in the party’s ticket which opened with Councilman Vincent Orlando’s unexpected announcement in April that he won’t seek a second term.

Ms. Doherty, who won her second term on the Board of Trustees in the 2009 town elections, received the party’s unanimous support during a special meeting Monday.

“She does a great job,” said town Republican chairman Denis Noncarrow. “She reaches out to the community and she listens.”

Ms. Doherty was the top vote-getter in winning her second four-year term in 2009. Prior to her first election in 2005, Ms. Doherty worked for 10 years in Town Hall, two years as a clerk for the Planning Department and eight years as clerk  for the Trustees. The East Marion native who now lives in Mattituck studied accounting, business law and real estate brokerage in college.

Just a few weeks ago the Republicans seemed set on renominating all eight GOP incumbents facing reelection. But during the party’s April 4 convention Mr. Orlando cited personal reasons in saying his first term would be his last.

“I came to a crossroad,” he told the committee members. “It’s a family decision and it didn’t come easy.”

The Southold Democratic Party has not yet scheduled its convention. Without naming names, party chairman Art Tillman said his committee has “two very qualified candidates” interested in the two town council seats up this year.

“Interestingly, three Republicans have screened with us and will change parties,” said Mr. Tillman. “It appears the Republican Party is becoming more out of touch with Republicans in Southold Town.”

There only two elected Democrats serving in town offices, Councilman Al Krupski and Highway Superintendent Pete Harris.

Neither is on this year’s ballot.

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  • Nice story Bob!

  • My bets on Dem candidates:

    Bob Meguin
    Dan Durrett
    and then Marie Dominici

    Have a nice day.

  • Jill is as Local as it get’s ! She’s smart ,and on the Ball . I say ” WINNER” here by a mile !

  • “As local as local Gets,’ catchy News 12 phrase, which over recent years has deteriorated to onging weather reports and happy bantering. The implication of “as local as local gets” in this case appears to be – if not local how could one possibly function well as a Council person? Perhaps recent arrivals, including those who have lived here for decades, but not “born and raised here” might bring talent, experience and knowledge learned elsewhere that just might make them an insightful valued member of the Town Board. Perhaps we should consider that those who were not born and raised here have some potential to contribute. Having life long town employmment does not necessarily qualify one for being a good candidate for Council person. Like what other qualifications does the candidate have?

  • I am not a gambler. And, I would be surprised if your bets pay off. But, all three of the potential Democratic Candidates you refer to have more to offer than the Republicans who have abdicated their roles as leaders to essentially turn over control of Southold Town to private interests.

    I am a huge supporter of property rights, but not at the expense of the public interest. The public interest includes the environmental interest which is what our residential quality of life and our local economy is based on.

    >> Have a nice day.

    Not if I meet you!

  • Glad to see a woman was selected to run, and one with experience too.