Charles C. Watts Jr.

05/31/2011 3:01 PM |

Cutchogue resident Charles C. Watts Jr. died May 23 at Eastern Long Island Hospital in Greenport. He was 65.

Born May 7, 1946, in Mineola to Charles and Doris (Roney) Watts, he worked as a painter for most of his adult life.

Cremation was private. Memorial donations may be made to the Cutchogue Fire Department Rescue Squad.



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  • Wait, we shouldn’t have a Denny’s because you had a shitty omelet while you were drunk in Baltimore? Please… Do not fuck with my Grand Slam!

  • As you say, LI is the Diner capital of the world, along with the pizza capitol of the world. I suppose Dennys would have a place with people with no taste in food, just like Pizza Hut actually manages to stay open. Who are these people on LI who go to Pizza Hut and Dennys? From the midwest and you miss it or what? As for tax abatements, that’s what the town does best, next to allowing places like the new Hyatt—how MORE OUT OF PLACE could it be?–on Main St. The town or Riverhead has always been a whore to business–i.e. West Lane in Aquebogue’s zoning. What is a FACTORY doing there. I’m sure the town will approve whatever anyone wants to slap up here.

  • Yeah, no kidding.

    There’s no need to “lure” a Denny’s with a tax abatement, but if they employ people, and appeal to enough people to generate a profit, who the hell is Michael White to say that this business shouldn’t be allowed to operate? By his own admission, Denny’s won’t be stealing customers from other restaurants (since those patrons have “taste”).

    If they’re as lousy as Mr. White makes them out to be, the free market will force them out of business.

    We’re not a commune. Within a reasonable set of rules, everyone has the right to try and succeed, even if you don’t like their omlettes.

  • Don’t worry………. if Ed doesn’t like them, then Sean won’t like them. Denny’s is obviously not a cronie of this administration, so they have zero chance of any “favors”.

  • Denny’s is absolutely horrible, Here in the Melbourne/Palm Bay fl area we have them and they are awful, They used to be popular but now they are empty and rumor has it they are close to filing for Bankruptcy. Down here we have place that is called Harbor City Diner and they are as close to what we were used to growing up in Long Island, huge portions and the place is packed 24/7