Oysterponds: OHS to sponsor an Architects’ House Tour on June 4

Oysterponders have two places to be on Saturday morning. East Marioneers are urged to attend the East Marion Community Association meeting at the firehouse from 10 a.m. to noon, where Southold Town officials will address disaster preparedness. The teaser/incentive here is the usual wonderful refreshments that will be served.

Orienteers are encouraged to attend the Orient Association meeting at Poquatuck Hall, also 10 a.m. to noon (9:30 a.m. for refreshments). Southold Town officials will be in attendance to discuss the future of the town. All are invited.

It was a fun weekend for the Thorps, as Charlie Thorp was surprised by his wife with a soiree celebrating his 50th birthday at the Cutchogue Knights of Columbus hall. Sister Jill Dougherty did a yeoman’s job setting up the food, and brother Frank III acted as DJ with his father’s record collection from the past century. Of course, I hear Mom and Dad, Paula and Frank, are scratching their heads wondering how they can have a 50-year-old son. Congratulations to all.

Ted Webb has just finished his coursework with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary to be certified as a vessel safety examiner. He is now able to examine your boat free of charge as part of the Coast Guard Safety Check Program, and certify that it is safe. There are no penalties for any “violations” — only suggestions — and if they are corrected there you’ll receive a sticker of safety for your windshield. Ted can be reached at 323-2622. You can also call on Ron Apostle and East Marioneer Don Cutrone.

OHS will sponsor an Architects’ House Tour on Saturday, June 4, from 1 to 4 p.m. It promises to be a must-attend event; tickets for members are $25 purchased in advance. There will also be a special limited attendance gathering after the tour. Visit for more information, or call 323-2480.

Christine Franke, who has been visiting an old college friend in California, emailed to report that gas prices were $4.29 a gallon in Los Altos and higher in San Francisco. Despite the high fuel tariff, she was having a ball.

I am motoring north and my gas experience has been a bit better. The cheapest purchase so far was $3.65 in South Carolina. Even better news is that I am averaging 52 mpg in my Prius. See you all soon, I hope.

If you open the dictionary to hard working, quiet and unassuming, devoted mother and grandmother, you’ll find the picture of Village Lane’s Mooreen Terry, who died Friday morning. We all extend our sympathy to her son, David, and grandson, Daniel, on their loss. There will be a memorial service in the future.

The sad news arrived Monday morning that globally renowned resident Bob Berks had died Sunday. If you open that same dictionary to his name, there would be volumes of his artistic accomplishments. Among them, as we are all aware, are the bronze sculptures he did of famous and prominent people. They are way too numerous to list but if you Google him or, I am sure, read national news you will see them. To us, he was the amazing man who sculpted in his studio — the schoolhouse on Halyoke — and generously shared his talent and gave tours of his works to most who asked. Oysterponds sends sympathy and prayers to his bride, Todd, and their children on his passing. His spirit and memory will never leave Orient. Godspeed, Bob.