Oysterponds: Orient-East Marion Park District hosts monthly board meeting Thursday, May 5, at 7 p.m.

The surge of social media now gives us instant communication. In the past, when I was in Florida (or home here for that matter) and a hurricane was pummeling us, I remember thinking no one knows what is really happening here. Well, with all the tornadoes last week, fear for the safety of my niece Lauren Gillooly, who teaches in Marvell, Ark., started to elevate. Thanks to the Internet, it didn’t take too long to contact her and learn that she was sleeping inside a closet, wearing a helmet and had spent the night before doing the same thing. Another friend from Alabaster, Ala., was posting minute-by-minute reports from her safe room (her bathroom), where she was holed up with five adults and two dogs.

News of the experience of summer kid Anna Roberts, granddaughter of Clyde and Roxanna Mellinger and now a junior at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, also made its way to me. Anna took shelter in a basement classroom as the storm passed. After the tornado, they were unable to navigate their way home since all familiar landmarks were gone. The next day as they were helping in the recovery effort, they learned that a fellow student had died. I guess all of this puts getting stuck in traffic a bit more into perspective. I know I’m praying for the comfort of all.

Speaking of perspective and comfort, I thought life couldn’t get much sadder for me after having to euthanize my 7-month-old kitten last week. Then came the unimaginable and unthinkably sad news of the death Saturday of 3-year-old Blossom, daughter of Lucy Barnes and an Orient Village luminary, who contracted a deadly virus while on vacation in Miami. It’s almost too painful to write. Oysterponds extends sympathy to Blossom’s siblings, Max, Rose and Tallulah; their father, Gavin Brown; and, of course, Lucy on such a devastating loss.

Mark your calendars for the Orient Association’s May 21 meeting at Poquatuck Hall, 10 a.m. to noon (9:30 for coffee). The topic will be the community character of Southold and Orient in particular. More details and a reminder to follow.

Healing wishes to nonagenarian Al Mould, who has been suffering with pneumonia and is a “guest” at ELIH. The good news there is, although he’s not 100 percent yet he is tucked back in Orient and basking in the love of a special community.

More good news came from Marie and Dennis Haeg, who were thrilled to have their children, Lisa Costello Woffinden (here from San Antonio) and Jonathan Costello (in from San Francisco), here for Easter week to visit with them and grandparents Hector and Jessie Pemberton. Lisa was celebrating her recent retirement from the U.S. Air Force as a lieutenant colonel after 26 years of service across the U.S. as well as in Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan. Jonathan, a professional photographer, memorialized the special week.

Very special birthday greetings to a special lady, Doris Morgan, who turns 95 Sunday, May 8. Her P.O. Box is 283. (Hint, hint; send her a card.)

Her birthday twin, my daughter, Sarah, will pen her 18th annual Mother’s Day guest column next week. Contact her at [email protected] by midday Sunday if it needs to appear here next week.

The Orient/East Marion Park District will hold its monthly board meeting Thursday, May 5, at 7 p.m. at the school. (Note the change of date) All are welcome.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!