Police: Break-ins reported in Southold, Cutchogue

Southold Police are investigating several strange break-ins late last week.

On Wednesday, May 18, a Mill Creek Drive, Southold resident reported that, while she left her house in the middle of the day to visit her hairdresser, someone kicked in the side door of her house and ransacked the master bedroom, then smashed eggs from her refrigerator on her kitchen ceiling and doorway before leaving.

Police said the victim thought some jewelry may have been stolen, but was not sure. Police called in a K9 officer and dog, who picked up a scent in the victim’s backyard and followed it to an overgrown farm field, where tire tracks had pushed down the high grass.

On Thursday morning, the three occupants of a Bridge Lane, Cutchogue house reported that someone ransacked two bedrooms and stole $100 in loose change, stuck two machetes into a bedroom wall and kicked in a bolted bedroom door.

That same morning, another Bridge Lane resident reported that someone pried open the rear window of the house and rifled through cabinets and drawers, before making off with a head-mounted flashlight worth about $20.