Business Beat: SCCC to host free small-business workshop June 9

06/01/2011 10:04 AM |

• Congressman Tim Bishop will be the guest speaker at the Thursday, June 9, ‘Eggs & Issues’ breakfast forum hosted by the Riverhead Chamber of Commerce. The event begins at 8 a.m. at Hilton Garden Inn in Riverhead.

Tickets are $12 for members/$15 for nonmembers. Early reservations are suggested; call 727-7600 or visit

• Suffolk County Community College will host a free small-business workshop on Thursday, June 9, 6:30 to 9 p.m., in room 006 of the Corchaug Building on the Eastern Campus in Northampton. There will be an introduction by Citibank on “How to make your business work” and presentations on IT system backups, staff PC and Internet abuse and the “five steps to the rapid growth of your business.”

To register for this free event, call 319-6492 or email [email protected]



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  • I suppose the BOE didn’t have the clairvoyance to address the transition in Dr. Cohen’s contract. It never ceases to amaze me……

  • $31,000 for consultant firm
    $12,400 for “consultant” position for Dr. Cohen (he should be paying current administration for this service not the other way round.)
    This is priceless!!! Cracker jack negotiators!

  • It has nothing to do with the recession. Most people who start a new job get themselves up to speed. If Dr. Cohen is not interested in donating a little time for the transition then he can start on August 1 just as his contract calls for. Enough with paying people to learn. If he is as good as people say he is he will not need a 10-day paid transition period.

  • With the new school year starting prior to the 31st what kind of money is Copel getting to stay ….?I bet she got extra cash ins….

  • Thank you to the Rocky Point Administrators that started last year without a get ready bonus. We are so lucky that you love our community and are responsible professionals.

  • These comments should all link to the same article. WHen I saw this on the News Review site I though, he looks like he thinks he died and went to heaven, doesn’t he? Must be a dream job. Must be nice to live in Fantasyland with the rest of the government employees.

  • We need a “Wine Label Law”?

  • It should be noted that the board had listened to community voices regarding the need for some overlap or transition period. This transition period ranged anywhere from 5 days to months. The Board members themselves had also felt that it was prudent to have some overlap between current and outgoing superintendents.

    It is also worth noting that most District Superintendents contracts start on July 1 and end on June 30. Our outgoing superintendents contract is one of the rare few which do not and actually expires on 7/31. While the board would have liked to start the new contract with some overlap with the current superintendent, it is not legally possible to have 2 superintendents at the same time. The board could have arranged for overlap by making an appointment starting 7/1 or 7/15 with an alternative title (like an assistant superintendent), the board could have gone the route of a consulting agreement bringing in Dr. Cohen early, the board could have extended a consulting agreement with Dr. Copel for 2 weeks beyond her contract expiration date, or we could have just had Dr. Cohen start on 8/1 with no overlap. The consulting agreement executed is one reasonable option and addressed the vocal concern for overlap.

    The rate of pay that was covered by the consulting agreement for this 2 week period is the average daily working salary agreed to in the new superintendents contract, which effectively contracted the new superintendent at the same rate of pay as if he was to start on 7/15. The rate of pay is $875 per day. (For those interested (or unaware), Dr. Copel’s daily rate of pay is nearly $1,000 now and $788 when she was first seated 6 years ago).

    THIS IS NOT A SIGN-ON BONUS. There are those who will insinuate that it is, though that was and is the farthest intent. This was a vehicle to allow him to start at a date that provided overlap, and allowed Dr. Copel to complete her existing contract.

    There have been anonymous comments posted on this and other news “blogs”, as well as comments made during open session board meetings, that the new superintendent should be so excited to be offered this opportunity that he should start 2 weeks early AT NO PAY. I am curious as to how many of these individuals themselves would leave a well paying job to start a new one and forego 2 weeks salary. Those who still pose questions, should know that Dr, Cohen has in effect already started and has been working developing entry plans, strategies, evaluations, meetings and the like prior to the 7/15 start of his consultancy and is looking into conducting workshops with the board.

    In summary,
    – community and board wanted overlap in adminstration—-> as a result we will have overlap.
    – the consultant agreement is one method of hiring the new superintendent and he is being paid at the same rate of pay once seated as superintendent, which is significantly less that that of the outgoing superintendent and allows for the transfer of district specific knowledge and practice.
    – the new contract negotiated by the board for the superintendent will cost the district significantly less than what we are paying today, nearly across the board – in salary, benefits and other expenses and includes higher contributions on his part for benefits.

    SWRGUEST – Thank you for noticing that I do listen and communicate as I take great pride in that – and apologize if I am again wordy. I am, however, a firm believer that anonymous postings do not necessarily add to effective communications and again point out that my name and email are always posted. Posing questions directly and obtaining accurate answers help prevent the continuous spread of dis-information which is exacerbated by anonymous postings.

    As for your remark about second guessing my own actions – I do not – and again point out that I have a huge vested interest in this district in that I am (1st) – a parent of 4 school aged children, and (2nd) – a taxpaying resident. Every one of you should be assured that I do not let things cloud my judgement/actions like:
    -Hiring relatives in the district,
    -Being close friends with faculty in the district,
    -Having family members receiving frequent stipends for activities in the district,
    -Engaging in business activities with the district.

    I care for the students, residents, and taxpayers and take action according to the manner that my education, experience, judgement and value system supports.

    Should anyone wish to discuss further, please reach out to me in an effective communication vehicle.

    Rich Pluschau
    [email protected]

  • There was no signing bonus in SWR- please read my comments below for the rational explanation.
    As for the RP administrators, I am curious if you looked at the details of the contract for your superintendent and compared to that of neighboring districts. I can say that I did and was quite
    Feel free to go to and look up school contracts – they are all there. Do your own comparison, or email me and I discuss the one that I compiled.

    Rich Pluschau
    [email protected]

  • Frank – I would love to have further discussion with you on this and address any concerns you may have that I am legally able to explain.
    Please feel free to contact me.

    [email protected]