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  • Please note that the new Superintendent of the Shoreham-Wading River School District is Dr. Steven Cohen…not Richard Cohen.

  • What Mr. Pluschau’s stage prop does not reveal is the fact that Mr. Costas got those votes in May- when he was still promising to include the community in a forum with the Superintendent FinalistS (plural). Before Mr. Costas misrepresented to the community that legal precedent prevented the Board from disclosing who the finalists were; and before the Board members who supported Costas’ re-election decided behind closed doors who the superintendent would be and the terms of the compensation package they gave. Seems that during his bid for re-election Mr. Costas never mentioned his intent to do that. I’m sure there are many who pulled the lever in May, who may have voted differently had they known.

    Mr. Pluschau- for someone who continually talks about how demanding your job is, you certainly do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on the blogs. The posting here was in the middle of the work day, and nearly instantaneous to the article posting. What’s your employer’s corporate policy on that?

  • Changed!

    — Michael White

  • People need to remember that we are adults. We must continue to act like adults, even when we don’t get our way.