Editorial: Tone of letters could use improvement

06/15/2011 9:59 PM |

A few words on our letters to the editor: Be nice!

Perhaps it’s a reflection of our times, but as one reader pointed out, the weekly correspondence has taken on an angry, bitter and far too personal tone of late.

Feel free to agree or disagree with a letter run in a previous issue, but henceforth all name-calling is strictly off-limits. Challenge the message, not the messenger. Corny as it may sound, we consider the letters an essential part of the public dialogue and, as one political observer said, of the “noise of Democracy.”

Let’s keep the debate on a high plane and out of the gutter.



3 Comment

  • What happened to freedom of speech?

  • What happened to manners? They disappear when anonymity appears?

  • manners arent the problem those that lie or have something to hide complain when the truth about them is told. the paper should be proud that when our gov. workers (greenport bldg dep), in particuler lie cheat and steal they are called on it the fact that they will complain to you about our letters inatead of denying thier crimes they try instead to get them blocked proves beyond all doubt they need to go cudos, to the paper. and yes people the truth hurts