Editorial: Town, Liquor Authority make strange bedfollows

06/16/2011 7:59 AM |

It isn’t clear how effective the strategy may turn out to be, but you’ve got to give the town credit for ingenuity in seeking to resolve some basic zoning and land use issues by calling in the State Liquor Authority.

As our cover story this week reports, the town filed formal objections to liquor license applications from an inn, a B&B and a winery. Leaving to another day a review of how much of the town’s economy is based, at least in part, on alcohol sales and consumption, it’s interesting to see that one way to get a business owner’s attention is to threaten the liquor license. In at least one case, it appears to be working. The town and the new owner of the former Blue Dolphin in East Marion, soon to reopen as the Blue Inn, have held discussions on addressing the noise complaints that the business regularly generated before it closed two years ago. Both say the talks, while not yet completed, have been fruitful.

When he bought the property, Sam Glass unfortunately also acquired the place’s less-than-sterling reputation. Fair or not, the sins of the previous owners are being visited upon him.

Looking at it from another perspective, both town and owner can make a fresh start and work cooperatively on ways the inn can prosper without causing the neighbors to suffer. It’s unrealistic to think that the inn will never again generate a noise complaint, but at the moment the prospects for a peaceful future far outweigh the problems of the past.



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  • the new owner obviously did not do his due dilligance before he bought the place or he didnt care!!! either way it shows that this guy is not on the up &up.this sort of thing usualy happens here in greenport . when a owner breaks a bunch of laws they always find a new name to put it in the market for instance had 5 different people that soposedly owned it even though it was proven otherwise, but the point is with every new name wingate and abatelli gave us the same line jts got new owners lets not violate them because the will do things differently even though the structure is totaly ilegal.i like the direction the town is going here and it opens up a new way to deal with some of the ilegaly altered bldgs here in the vill. maybe things will change but i doubt it because the liquor authority is the only state agancy that did not order the markets closeing and yes child protection did order the market closed to all children until the bldg was code compliant. so now this same bldg that was proven to be a hazzard to all around it ans especialy to its tennents is now being marketed as a house suitable for a family with children even though that has already been shot down by the stateagain no one forced these two people to buy these propertys so its a self-created hardship which under state law means no more variences of any kind period,unless you have a bldg department that voids federal,state,county,town and village codes all at the same time to help one of thier clients like the owners of the kaplan ave market which has absolutly zero legal uses ever again.plus since it has no parking (just one of the variences it needs) the fire department could not make it down our streetbecause of all the cars parked in the street by the tennents of the market something the fire department also complained about so good luck and we will be watching to see how this unfolds