Cutchogue-New Suffolk: Old Town Art and Crafts Guild to host exhibit July 2

During Saturday’s commencement at Mattituck High School, my parents commented that my nephew’s school in Florida didn’t give scholarships. After some quick calculations, we figured that around 75 MHS students had received nearly $100,000 from our community alone. My eldest son, Jay, commented that when you consider that local townwide organizations must be making similar awards to the graduating classes in Southold and Greenport, they must have donated three times what we counted! Isn’t this just one of the things that makes our town great!?

During the ceremony, we heard about a class that touched the heart of principal Shawn Petretti when he mourned the accidental death of his brother. Just into his first year as principal, Mr. Petretti recalled how the compassion of his youngest students would always have a place in his heart. Each year the graduating class recognizes the alumni of 25 years earlier. This year, graduate Morgan Zuhoski was joined by her mother, an honoree from the Class of 1986. Stacy Jemmot spoke on behalf of her 1986 classmates, sharing that, for her, arriving a week ago from South Carolina was a real homecoming, and that having the opportunity to attend the ceremony with her three young daughters and her mother (MHS Class of 1958) was one of the blessings of growing up and living in a small town!

Congratulations to all our graduates. May you be blessed with the virtues of strength, self-discipline and foresight and have the good fortune to be part of a network of family and friends possessing the same!

In memory of Ralph Pugliese, Larry and Jerry Siani from the Blue Iris planted rose bushes around the Liberty Bell-like bell just east of Pugliese Vineyards. The Pugliese family is very appreciative and touched!

Prayers of strength to Susie and Jeff Smith as each day brings them closer to learning more about granddaughter Olivia’s health and future abilities.

As Ken Robbins gets older, he gets faster. Congratulations to Ken on his overall win in the Schiff Scout Adventure Race and Relay. Not only did he win, he beat his personal and course record by 1 minute 30 seconds!

Happy birthday on June 30 to Joan “Babci” Domaleski of Cutchogue, and to my dad, who will celebrate July 4.

The Old Town Art and Crafts Guild will host an exhibit on Saturday, July 2, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The gift shop and art gallery will be open. Stop by and check out this year’s chinese auction prizes.

Due to the holiday weekend, our deadline for next week’s columns is Friday, July 1, at 10 a.m. Please submit any information you want to share before that time.

As we approach July Fourth, let’s not forget those men and women who serve our country so that we can continue to live in a nation that embraces our forefathers’ vision of unalienable Rights and possess the freedoms that are inherent in such a pursuit of them.

Have a good week!