Greenport: A chinese auction to benefit the Class of 2011

I hate to admit it, but rain takes on a whole new perspective once you’ve planted your summer garden. I’ve gone from groaning, “It’s raining again” to “Yay! I don’t have to water my flowers today.” Now if the weather gods would just cooperate and have it rain at night and give me sunshine during the day, life would be just wonderful!

Congratulations to Clarisse Armstrong and Joey Stevens on the birth of their son, Eli James, who was born June 2 and tipped the scales at six pounds, five ounces.

Congratulations are also in order for my cousin Kassandra Chouinard, who recently graduated from North Caroline High School in Maryland. Jim and I drove to her home this past Saturday to celebrate this milestone in her life. Kassandra’s plans include attending Drexel University in Pennsylvania to study architecture. Way to go, Kassandra!

While I’m in congratulatory mode, I most certainly have to congratulate Greenport athletic director Todd Gulluscio and company (that would be Shirley Sieverman, Christine Harrison and the entire custodial staff headed by Tom Szczygiel) for the outstanding job they did with last Thursday’s sports awards banquet at the school. The big gym was transformed into a sea of purple and gold to honor all the varsity athletes who donned school colors during the year. It was well put together and well orchestrated and Todd most definitely earned a great big round of applause for his efforts.

Don’t forget North Fork Head Start’s chinese auction this Saturday, June 18, to benefit the Class of 2011 and their family fun day. Admission is $5 with two free tickets. Additional tickets are six for $5. Doors open at 9 a.m.

On June 25, CA Enterprise Co. and Marilyn Chiarello will transport 50 women into New York City for the Braveheart Meet and Greet tour, which aims to inspire women and show them ways to better themselves. The trip is free, but there’s a $10 fee for the book that will be used that day. To attend, contact Crystal Anderson at [email protected] or 566-7737.

The happiest of birthdays is wished this week to Chris Manfredi Sr. who celebrates June 16; Art Comiskey, Bobby Mills, Shyane Jones and Geno Mazzaferro on the 17th; Joan Olszewski on the 18th; Dominick Skabeikis and Michele Dinizio on the 19th; Lisa Newalis and Littia Floyd on the 20th; Joe Barszczewski on the 21st; and Clara Jauquet on the 22nd.

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