Islip Terrace man killed in Greenport motorcycle crash

06/05/2011 11:03 PM |

An Islip Terrace man was killed in a motorcycle accident in Greenport Sunday, authorities said.

Southold Town Police said 75-year-old Effie Daikos of East Marion, who was driving west on Route 48, had turned left onto Albertson Lane but failed to yield the right of way to eastbound motorcyclist William Helmsorig.

Both drivers were brought by the Greenport Fire Department rescue squad to Eastern Long Island Hospital where Mr. Helmsorig, 45, later died.

The crash occurred about noon.

No charges have been filed.



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  • I’m disgusted. The man gets his leg ripped off and dies in a puddle of blood. Leaves behind a family. The elderly woman gets a new Mercedes. No Justice

  • how do you know he lost his leg? The news hasnt been giving all the information. please relpy [email protected]

  • How can their be “NO CHARGES” after someone fails to yield and kills someone??? Take her license away and throw her in prison!

  • She broke the law by “failing to yield the right of way” and yet there are no charges filed? She killed someone and gets to keep her license????

  • he died. he leg was ripped off and the kept bleeding. The law is bullshit. Charge that old bag to the full punishment of the law. SHE FAILED TO YIELD. Throw her in prison we should rally. i knew william very close. this is BULLSHIT