Southold Town adopts first-ever noise ordinance

07/19/2011 5:07 PM |

BETH YOUNG PHOTO | Southold Town Board members voted on the municipality's first-ever noise code Tuesday afternoon.

Southold Town adopted its first-ever noise ordinance Tuesday afternoon in a unanimous vote, becoming the last town on Long Island to limit noise within its boundaries.

The new law will allow noise up to 65 decibels at the complainant’s property line between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. At other times, noise cannot be louder than 50 decibels.

The law targets amplified music, and provides exceptions for agricultural equipment, landscaping equipment, public celebrations, emergency personnel responding to calls, and other routine daily noise.

Fines “not to exceed $500” will be levied for the first offense and fines “not to exceed $2,500” will be levied for each subsequent offense. Town Board members have pointed out that subsequent citations can be written as soon as one hour after the first citation.

“The noise code is not going to be an all-encompassing code…this is about unreasonable noise at unreasonable levels at unreasonable hours,” said Town Supervisor Scott Russell after the unanimous vote. “It’s not about weed whackers and other things you hear every day.”



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  • What do annoying roosters in town fall under?

  • say goodby to any form of music or nightlife in this town. I’m sick and tired about the people that move in next to a bar and then complain about the noise.

  • 65 Decibels is a noise level of a normal conversation 3 to 5 feet away. Leave the evil empire state.
    The standard of living is 50 percent above the national average here.

  • Pretty steep fine, don’t you think? Anything to make a buck, just like they doubled the garbage fee.
    It’s lean times for everyone, the town has to adapt too.

  • On the lighter side; about a month ago, I was thinking, I could play loud music to drown out the nieghbors barking dogs and talking that makes it impossible for me to enjoy my back yard. Do you think the town heard my thoughts??? Never a dull moment in patville.

  • How does this tie in with airplanes flying overhead? I’m in Mattituck and in the past 2 weeks I’ve had planes going overhead just about every half an hour. Now I’ll admit it doesn’t really annoy me when I’m in my house, but it’s getting a bit on the excessive side. That’s the only noise I have to complain about.

  • the town is being overrun by all the liberal CAVE people (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) congratulations now because u dont like ur neighbor and they have a lil graduation, birthday party ur gonna be dialing 911 and tieing up that line for real emergencies complaining ur ruining my quality of life well guess what ur ruining my quality of life why dont u move back to the city or that liberal rock from where u crawled out from under

  • It’s a ridiculous un -enforcible ordinance in my humble opinion – targeting musicians. Leaf blowers , diesel engine trucks and obnoxiously loud motorcycles are most offensive , but will not be cited, often enough. Very unfortunate for the music industry.

  • These are my top 5 annoying noises: 1) Diesel trucks 2) Leaf blowers 3) Motorcycles ( the obnoxiously loud ones) 4) Barking dogs 5)screaming teens and tweens
    ~but you know who will get cited for violations? Musicians.
    The decibel levels are WAY TOO LOW – and I think enforcement is going to be problematic.

  • Peace and quiet . . . at last. Thank you Town Board.

  • let’s sit back and watch the trouble unfold. do you really think this law will be enforced at businesses? it will be used against residents enjoying local parties. I highly doubt this ordinace will change any of the music coming out of any of the vineyards or bars. I’m having a night time wedding and if the police come to tell me to turn the music down…LOL they better bring a few officers. PS does this apply to the 5 o’clock fire whistle? It serves no emergency use and is definitely above 65db.

  • “Land of the free”? Not in Southold Town…another bad decision that punishes everyone instead of addressing the actual problem.

  • “Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi” what hapened to the rest of the scale? One note does not a symphony make… however, many voices of that one particular note, a discordant cacophany ensues… wow, does this code apply to the Town Board as well? Last time I checked, there’s a whole bunch of hot air and flat tones coming out of that particular establishment..