New parking regulations proposed for Alvah’s Lane in Cutchogue

After much public outcry from neighbors over the constant truck traffic to and from Satur Farms, Southold is planning to install “No Parking or Standing” signs on Alvah’s Lane in the area surrounding the farm.

The proposal, which would require a change in the town code and a public hearing, has been sent to the town’s transportation commission for review.

Supervisor Russell said this approach dovetails with the town’s plan to make code changes to allow better enforcement of conditions attached to site plan approvals; Satur Farms has an approved site plan to build a barn to house the trucks that are currently parking on the street, but has not yet begun construction. Mr. Russell said Satur Farms isn’t the only local business that’s created a public nuisance by not completing work specified in a site plan. For example, a new Hudson City Savings Bank in Mattituck has languished in a partially constructed state since late last year.

“It’s a dreadful eyesore. Enough is enough,” the supervisor said of the bank. “We need to force their hand here because it’s ridiculous.”

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