Oysterponds: A church fair and an ecumenical worship service

OK Oysterponders, was last week’s Heritage Day one of the best days in our history or what? Thank you to OHS and all the volunteers whose hard work made the day so remarkable.

Speaking of remarkable, Oysterponds has some incredible talent. Among the most famous residents is Michael Manuelian, one of the folks leading an effort to petition Southold Town to create a performing arts center in the vacant school on Peconic Lane, which the town recently bought. Michael and fellow Eastlight Performing Arts founders Greg Welch and Patrice Keitt are circulating a petition to determine interest in this project and were collecting signatures last weekend. If you missed out, e-mail [email protected] for more info.

Speaking of talent, Dune Grass, featuring our own Sandra Chapin, will perform next Tuesday evening on Shelter Island at the park in the Heights across from the Dory. It is within walking distance of the ferry.

Another talented Orienteer, Christine Franke, will go international with her vocal skills by participating in a choral festival in Prague. You can check out the event website at

The first OHS kids program, on July 30 from 10 a.m. to noon, is called “What’s wampum?” and will explore how Oysterponds’ early settlers used shells for currency. Visit the OHS website or check here next week for more details.

The annual OCC Church Fair is this Saturday, July 16, starting at 8 a.m. It’s always a place to find a treasure or a tasty delight. For more info call 323-2665.

It was good to see Ed Blesch out and about Saturday and sitting on the porch at the country store after having yet another relapse after recent spine surgery. Slow and steady wins the race and that’s his recovery plan. We all wish him well.

Speaking of good to see, it’s always a treat to have Charlotte Hanson back on the North Fork, so Freddie Wachsberger and Sylvia Newman used her visit as an excuse to invite a few friends to catch up with not only Charlotte but former OCC pastor Louise Armstrong, who was also in the Village for the week. Louise still lives in Penfield, N.Y., and is still preaching when she gets an opportunity. Charlotte still calls Arizona home but the welcome mat is always out for her all over the U.S. and the world, as one would expect.

Keith Wheelock is continuing with the next chapter in his “This I Believe” series, entitled “Remembrances.” It will take place this Sunday afternoon, July 17, at Floyd Memorial Library in Greenport. Check out the library website for more details.

Starting this weekend, the Rev. Ann Van Cleef will hold ecumenical worship service on the beach Sunday mornings at 8 a.m. through Labor Day weekend (unless it’s raining). The beach is the one on the bend on Narrow River Road, 1/10 mile south of Narrow River Marina. Bring lawn chairs, blankets (extra blankets will be on hand just in case) and even your morning coffee if you wish.

Surrounded by an unwanted deer invasion in Southold Town, I was surprised at how excited Sarah was when we spotted a moose on a drive through the National Forest in Vermont. I wanted her to jump out and snap a picture (I was driving), but sanity prevailed when she refused, citing fear of an attack. Turned out she was right. During the season when they have young “mooses/meese,” they get aggressive.

Meanwhile, joyeux le Quatorze Juillet! Celebrate Bastille Day with your best French regalia and perhaps a good Bordeaux.

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