Oysterponds: Jeffrey Lyons talk and book signing at library Saturday; paint watercolors with Alan Bull; Steven Blier concerts coming up

Back in the late ’80’s I rented what is now Janet Markarian’s Orient Linen Co. space, which had previously been the barber shop and Sheila Zuhosky’s quilt shop, as an office for my executive search biz. My first month there I installed the first fax machine known in Orient, though rumor had it the Cardwells also had one on the hill. Folks came from all over to watch a fax arrive. My first demonstration of this cutting-edge technology was for Kaye Hoins, who lived next to the Country Store, She stared in amazement as a résumé arrived, having been sent seconds before from Atlanta.

This leads me to the announcement that the technology bar is being raised in Oysterponds, thanks to Miriam and Grayson at the Country Store. They will now be “wireless” on the porch, with a password they will gladly share with locals and reluctantly share with not-so-locals.

Allow me to digress with one more visualize this and memory of Orient’s technology timeline. About 1983, I purchased a serious copier — again an oddity for this small sleepy village. As it was being delivered, whether by accident or design, beloved pastor Milt Heitzman of the Congregational church paraded in behind it. At that time, his copies were being produced on a temperamental mimeograph machine. I agreed to accommodate his copying needs after he raised his right hand and promised not to tell anyone in town of my new acquisition. Can you imagine how long that secret lasted?

Some 15 years ago, Oysterponds Lane’s Ken Godfrey, husband of Willa and father of Durell, wrote a letter to the community to be read at his memorial service. It was very memorable, since he used many multi-syllabic words. It concluded: “ … and may there never be a neon sign in Orient.” The reading of the letter was followed by live Dixieland music, “When the Saints Go Marching In” — another reason I will always remember the day. (Note to self: Line up a trumpeter for my funeral.)

Speaking of memories and big words, there are lots of them in Jeffrey Lyons’ latest publication, “Stories My Father Told Me: Notes from ‘The Lyons’ Den.’ ” You’ll be able to hear Jeffrey deliver some of them in person this Saturday at 3 p.m. at Floyd Memorial Library in Greenport, where he will talk about his book and sign copies. Jeffrey’s dad, Leonard Lyons, wrote a globally syndicated column just shy of five decades about celebrity comings and goings. The cover is beyond precious — a word I’m sure Jeffrey would scoff at — but it features Leonard staring agape at Marilyn Monroe as his wife looks on, hands on hips, looking less than receptive to his ogling. (Good visual if you haven’t seen it yet.)

Alan Bull will conduct a watercolor workshop on July 14, 15 and 16 from 1 to 4 p.m. that will incorporate all levels of expertise. It will take place in Poquatuck Park, where there is great opportunity to capture the beauty of our community. Call OHS at 323-2480 by July 11 for details and to register.

Heads up: The astonishing Steven Blier will give two concerts here in August. Check for details. These will sell out quickly. So sign up now; don’t be disappointed.

Happy birthday on July 8, to Joan Dinizio, queen of the birthday columnists! Hope it is fun!

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