Oysterponds: Third Thursday program features local poet

Our own Billy Hands, writer and poet, will be part of the Third Thursday program tonight, July 21, at 6:30, at Brecknock Hall, hosted by the East End Arts Council. He will read works based on the sea, following a presentation by sea-disaster survivor Lochlin Reidy, whose adventure was documented in Michael Tougias’ book “Overboard.” The Third Thursday event precedes the South Street Gallery exhibit “About the Sea,” which opens Saturday, Aug. 6, featuring William Steeple Davis artist-in-residence Annie Wildey, among others.

Speaking of safety on the water, attention all current and would-be kayakers: The Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering a Paddle Sport America course on Tuesday and Thursday, July 26 and 28, 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the Oysterponds School. It will cover safety, courtesy, kayak maintenance, etc. The $15 fee covers a course book and materials. You must preregister by calling Ted Webb at 323-2622. Those who complete the course will receive a certificate issued by the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

There’s no place like home — and I bet that’s how Kate Lauber Criss feels this week after she was feted at a shower in anticipation of the arrival of the baby boy she and husband Andy Criss expect to deliver in Seattle in September. The party was hosted by mom Peggy and was attended by 30 ladies of various ages, including Christine Lauber’s 9-month-old granddaughter Molly McShea and Peggy’s mother-in-law Fran Kreiling. There were also multi-generations of Orient ladies, including Mary Ellen Terry, daughter Jessie and granddaughter Ayda, and Rosie Rogers, daughter Ryane and granddaughter Madison. The pictures were amazing! I’m so sorry to have missed it but I’m still working on being in more than one place at a time.

The latest OHS kids workshop is Saturday, July 30, at the schoolhouse. Kids ages 7 to 12 will discover how the native peoples made use of local shells to barter and trade and will make their own shell creation to take home. Before the workshop, kids will tour the OHS summer exhibit, “Changing Face: The First Millennia.” The cost is $2 per child; parents welcome. Reservations guarantee your child’s spot. Call 631-323-2480 or email [email protected]

On my latest drive south the lowest gas price I saw was $3.45 a gallon in South Carolina. It struck a chord since Christine Franke checked in from Poland and reported that gas there was $8 a gallon. We all wish her a safe journey home and hope that somehow she will be able to meet up with Father Mariusz, who was sorely missed at St. Agnes this summer due to a scheduling glitch.

Speaking of the Catholic Church, one of my favorite responses when someone asked a silly question has always been, “Is the Pope Catholic?” This week I asked Sarah if it was hot outside and she shot back with, “Does the Pope Tweet?” That’s a new one.

Speaking of hot outside, Mother Nature continues to be upset globally, so please be aware of the dangerous heat around us.

Finally, a reminder: My deadline for this column is early Monday morning. If you need to see it here, please get it to me by the previous Friday morning. Thanks in advance.

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