Photos: Setting up for the Cole Bros. Circus in Greenport

07/20/2011 11:09 PM |

Workers prepare for the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars, which premieres on the Greenport Polo Grounds Wednesday evening.

Additional shows will be held Thursday at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. The circus will be hosted by the Greenport Fire Department to benefit fire safety education. Tickets are available in advance through Thursday at Fire Station #1, Third Street. Tickets are also available at or by calling 1-888-332-5200.

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  • PLEASE, I beg everyone who reads this article to NOT support any Circus that uses animals in their act(s). The Greenport Fire Department needs to look for alternate ways to fundraise rather than support a show that abuses animals. Wild animals should not be forced into unnatural situations & perform to make money PERIOD. It breaks my heart. Oh, and to those who are going to bash me, do a little research on how elephants are raised for the Circus. This is not wholesome fun, it’s a sick, degrading spectacle.

  • Sad day in our society when animal abuse for entertainment and profit is accepted condoned and promoted as family entertainment by our community. Especially when so much evidence and information is available that proves that the circus abuses the elephants to force them to perform on cue.
    This is a list of USDA violations against Cole Bros Circus, you’ll see how they really treat their elephants.
    In Feb 2011 Cole Bros Circus was fined over $150,000 for violating the Endangered Species Act.
    In the past months in other communities that Cole has visited you can watch their elephant handler John Caudill mistreating the elephants. In this one he hooks the sharp end of his bullhook in her ear canal you can hear Viola trumpet in pain.
    This family reported what they saw too.
    If your family loves animals the circus is the last place you would take them, these animals have only known a lifetime of abuse to entertain the circus audience.