‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star searching for North Fork home

COURTESY PHOTO | Kim Granatell of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' is searching for a home on the North Fork.

Celebrities are known to flock to the Hamptons during the summer to frolic on the beach and sip expensive mixed drinks.

But one well-known name is foregoing the hustle and bustle of the South Fork for the North.

Kim Granatell, a cast member of the Bravo series “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” has decided the East End’s quieter North Fork is the ideal spot for her to purchase another home.

She’s been searching around with The Corcoran Group vice president and real estate broker Nicole LaBella in pursuit of the perfect farm. Yes, farm. The millionaire Jersey socialite is in the market for lush green farmland, and a few goats and pigs, too.

Ms. Granatell said she actually grew up and worked on a farm in West Milford, New Jersey.

Ms. LaBella has so far taken Ms. Granatell to view homes ranging in price from $900,000 to $11 million, including one on a 16.6-acre property in Cutchogue.

“There is no range, really,” Ms. LaBella said. “She can afford to buy whatever she wants.”

Ms. Granatell said her home should be at least 10,000 square feet and have a minimum of six bedrooms with ample property for a carriage house and pool house for guests.S he also said she’d consider having a new home built if she finds the right piece of property.

She’ll keep her permanent 15,000-square-foot home that sits on an acre and a half in Franklin Lake, N.J., where “Real Housewives” is filmed.

Ms. Granatell, who also owns a vacation home in Florida, said a major draw to the North Fork is its privacy.

“I love areas that people don’t really know about,” she said.

She said the paparazzi track her every move and she looks forward to seeking refuge with what will hopefully prove to a be a camera-free escape. She also prefers the nightlife of the North Fork, which she expects to be more low key than the Hamptons.

“I’m not about a scene,” Ms. Granatell said. “I like inviting people to my home and hanging out.”

North Fork locals may spot Ms. Granatell around town in the coming weeks. She plans to dine out near her new stomping grounds and get a feel for the area.

“I just so love it out there and I’m so happy to possibly be a part of the community,” she said. “I’ll bring positive things to it.”

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