Same-sex marriage licenses available in Town Hall July 25

Many people have waited decades for the opportunity, but there’s just one more week before same-sex marriage licenses will be available at Southold Town Hall.

The Marriage Equality Act goes into effect across New York State on Sunday, July 24, but since  Town Hall is closed on Sundays, same-sex marriage licenses will first become available in the town clerk’s office on Monday morning, July 25.

All couples seeking a marriage license must provide documentation such as a birth certificate, drivers license, knowledge of their Social Security number and, if applicable, divorce paperwork. A staffer will walk a couple through the application process, and although the $40 license can be issued that day, there’s a state-mandated 24-hour waiting period before a ceremony can be performed. Each license is valid for 60 days

Couples looking to be wed in Town Hall are directed to the Justice Court, where an appointment can be made with one of the town justices. The judges typically perform ceremonies on Friday mornings prior to the weekly court session, often on the lawn to the north of the Town Hall complex during pleasant weather, or at mid-day Mondays.

Additional information is available at the town clerk’s website,