Anti-Obama protestors rally in Greenport

TIM KELLY PHOTOS | Anti-Obama protestors rallied in Greenport Wednesday.

Impeach the president.

That’s the message a contingent of traveling political operatives brought to the sidewalk in front of the Post Office in Greenport, long considered a Democratic stronghold, on Wednesday.

In 2008 “I wrote in Franklin Delano Roosevelt,” said Chris Sare of Hackensack, N.J., expressing disdain for both Mr. Obama and his GOP challenger John McCain. “I would have voted for Hillary [Clinton] in a heartbeat.”

He and others have campaigned in Southold, Mattituck, throughout the South Fork and in parts of Connecticut, he said.

He acknowledged he doesn’t expect the president to resign or be impeached. But he believes Mr. Obama is controlled by Wall Street and should Vice President Joseph Biden gain the Oval Office he would be more independent and might even rise to FDR’s standard, said Mr. Sare.

The response he received from Greenporters ranged from many walking right by the booth while a few questioned Mr. Sare targeting of the president.

“He’s selling us out to the banks,” Mr. Sare responded. More than one questioner appeared surprised that Mr. Sare sported a button reading, “We want FDR again.”

When he blamed the president for putting Medicare and Social Security on the table during recent negotiations over raising the country’s debt limit, one woman admitted she wasn’t pleased. But she still maintains there’s no better candidate on the horizon.

Mr. Sare agreed, saying he has issues with the Tea Party and with the assortment of Republican contenders seeking their party’s presidential nomination.

“We’re doing what we’re doing,” Mr. Sare shrugged. “It still comes back to having a productive economy.”

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