Local ‘Bridezilla’ set to make her TV debut

COURTESY PHOTO | Kim Haga of Flanders will be featured on upcoming episodes of We TV's "Bridezillas."

Though the wedding of the infamous Kim Kardashian has monopolized the media and attention of reality show addicts the world over, locals will surely be talking about a lesser-known Kim — this one is from Flanders — when her big day is broadcast this coming Sunday on We TV.

Kim Haga, a 2004 Riverhead High School graduate, will be making her first appearance on the latest episode of the reality program “Bridezillas.” The show follows difficult brides-to-be as they berate, harass and sometimes even assault their loved ones in the run up to their wedding.

Ms. Haga will be featured on the Aug. 28, Sept. 4 and Sept. 11 episodes.

One might ask why a woman in her right mind would want to be portrayed that way, especially with the liberties reality show producers are known to take while editing.

“It was my way of taking control over the wedding,” said Ms. Haga, who married Jeremiah Perez, her fiance of three years in an April ceremony. “Before, I don’t think I would have made it to the altar.” She said she found through planning her wedding that she did not have final say over who was in her wedding party or what they would be wearing, the ceremony date and most important of all — her dress.

JOHN NEELY PHOTO | Kimberly Haga of Flanders gets her hair down by Lauren Donofrio at Carolyn's Salon in Aquebogue.

“I wanted a black dress,” she said. But her unconventional choice led to a rift between her and her mother, who threatened not to come to the wedding. Ms. Haga eventually conceded on that decision.

But it was hers and Mr. Perez’s choice alone to participate in the show, a move that angered some of her friends and relatives.
Though there are sure to be some spats featured on air, Ms. Haga said her family’s behavior actually improved when the cameras were rolling.

“People started realizing their actions were going to be on TV and they wanted to cooperate,” she said.

Ms. Haga, who had not yet seen the final cut of the episodes, said she was nervous of what some family members would think when certain segments were aired. She said there are some things said and done that her friends and family will learn for the first time when they watch the show.

Whether or not Ms. Haga will be forever branded a true bridezilla will be up to the audience to decide.

“When Kim finds out that her family has all caught the stomach flu and won’t make the rehearsal, plus her brother will be five minutes late, she loses it,” reads a description of the Sept. 4 episode. “She throws her phone and screams at her brother, before finally dissolving into a puddle of hysterical tears.”

Ms. Haga is quick to admit she can be somewhat of a combative person. She’s lived on the same block as her in-laws for years, and repeatedly fought with her now husband when they were children.

“Anybody who knows us who found out we got married is in shock,” she said.

She admitted she might indeed have been a bridezilla, especially on the day of her wedding at the Swan Club in Roslyn.

“I think we definitely had every right to act the way,” she said, without divulging further details on the day’s events. “They’ll probably think I’m crazy. That was day I lost my mind.”

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