LIPA: We’ve restored nearly half the power outages

LIPA sent out a recent update on the efforts to restore power to the more than 500,000 customers  affected by outages. The utility said nearly 50 percent of  the outages had been corrected by Tuesday morning.

Here’s the complete LIPA release:

As of Tuesday morning, over 2,300 LIPA and National Grid crews restored electric service to nearly 50 percent of the customers affected by Hurricane Irene.

Approximately 253,000 of the 523,000 customers who have lost power as a result of the storm have been restored to service. Since Sunday afternoon, LIPA and National Grid have responded to 575,000 calls reporting outages and wires down. As of this morning, power has been restored to all hospitals within the LIPA service territory.

Restoration crews continue to make progress reconnecting customers throughout LIPA’s service territory while safely working around the clock on extended shifts. Ninety-five percent of all LIPA customers are expected to have power restored by Friday night.

Flooded roads, uprooted trees, downed wires and utility poles continue to make restoration efforts challenging for restoration crews in over 3,000 damage locations across Long Island. Crews from utilities as far away as Indiana, Tennessee, and Kansas are assisting LIPA with restoration efforts.

LIPA is reminding customers of important safety messages:

Disconnect sensitive appliances, such as computers, televisions and microwaves to avoid potential power surge damage when electricity is restored.
Keep refrigerator and freezer doors shut—food will last six to nine hours in a refrigerator without spoiling. Frozen foods will keep about 24 hours.
Generator safety – Be sure to only use generators outdoors. Exhaust fumes contain poisonous carbon monoxide and can kill or cause serious injury.
Customers can use their mobile devices, as well as computers, to report power interruptions or service problems through LIPA’s web site at They also may call LIPA at 1-800-490-0075.

We extend our thanks for our customer’s patience and understanding of the breadth of the damage and the dedication and commitment to restoring all of our customers.