Oysterponds: Concert at Poquatuck Hall Aug. 13 to feature Steven Blier and Darius deHaas

It seems the OHS summer benefit gets better and better every year. Many thanks to John and Marty Farris, who hosted this year’s gathering at their magnificent bayfront home. The rain stayed away, thanks in part to all of those who carried umbrellas — you know that if you remember to bring an umbrella it won’t rain — and Mother Nature signaled the end of the soiree around 8 p.m. by whipping up the wind. Thanks also to the many artists who donated their work for the live auction, allowing OHS the funds to continue its mission of preserving Oysterponds history.

Speaking of Marty Farris, she shared what I thought was a heartwarming story — and also a good “visualize this.” When the Farrises arrived in Orient more than two decades ago, they did so aboard their yacht, a 40-foot Post named My Marty. All the boats they’ve owned were named My Marty until the one they purchased eight seasons ago, which was christened KO after the stock symbol for Coca-Cola. A few weeks ago they purchased another craft, a 40-foot Sabre. As they chewed on the decision for its moniker, John hinted that he’d chosen a secret name. The boat arrived at OYC over the weekend. Marty spent Monday provisioning it and thought it was to be stenciled two days later. But that night, in the middle of the power outage, John asked Marty to join him at the yacht club for a surprise. With flashlight in one hand and Marty’s hand in his other, John escorted her down the dock where he shined his flashlight on the newly painted transom bearing the name “My Marty.” As you can imagine, Marty was thrilled.

Please don’t forget the very special concert at Poquatuck Hall this Saturday night, Aug. 13, at 8 p.m. Back by popular demand, Steven Blier and Darius deHaas will perform from their latest CD, “Quiet Please.” Open seating tickets are $30 and reserved front row seats are $50. Students with ID pay $15. Call Jane Smith at 323-1378 to reserve. Refreshments will be served.

OCA has a new Facebook page, so if you’re a Facebook member, please become a fan. When you do you’ll learn that the annual meeting is Saturday, Sept. 10, at 4 p.m., at which time Ed Wright Sr. will be honored for hisservice to OCA and our community.

After musing on how special Oysterponds is in the summer, Jerie Newman shared that grandson Sam and his mom, Nancy, spent over three weeks camping and hiking in eight national parks, where they saw wildlife most of us only imagine and camped on cliffs and canyons. After they returned to Orient, Sam left for his eighth year at Montreal Boys’ Choir Camp. After that, he’ll fly to Seattle with his father for more backpacking and hiking, returning east in time to start his junior year in high school. So if you’ve seen Sam this summer you are rare indeed.

Jerie and husband, Ken, hosted her 60th Greenport High School class reunion on July 30. Fifteen classmates and their spouses had a ball and decided to do it again in five years instead of the normal decade.

Jeffrey Lyons will be featured at East Hampton’s Author’s Night this Saturday, Aug. 13. Go to for details of this impressive event.

When you see Marge Reeves today, wish her a happy birthday, but don’t tell her I told you.

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