Oysterponds: Ed Wright Sr. to be honored at OCA’s annual meeting at Poquatuck Hall Sept. 10

Our own Sandra Chapin and her Dune Grass colleagues will perform their bluegrass music in the Floyd Memorial Library garden in Greenport at 6 p.m. this Friday, Aug. 19. Bring picnics, blankets, kids and grandkids for a multigenerational experience.

Orient Congregational Church is once again undertaking the monumental task of painting the church building, and they’re hoping the community will pitch in and contribute to their fundraising effort. Is there anyone in Oysterponds who hasn’t attended a concert, worship service, wedding, funeral, christening or house tour in that beautiful, historic building? The powers that be at OCC have done a yeoman’s job of maintaining it. Please call 323-2665 or just send money to P.O. Box 425, Orient, NY 11957.

Similar to when Kennedy was shot, or the space shuttle blew up, all of us will remember where we were when we saw or heard about the events of Sept. 11, 2001. I know a lot of the village gathered to pray that night at a spontaneous ecumenical service at OCC, the “upstreet church.” I was there. I am working on an online venue where you can share what you remember of that day and the days following. Stay tuned; I will write about that next week.

Oysterponds Community Activities’ annual meeting will be at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10, at Poquatuck Hall, where Ed Wright Sr. will be honored for his incredible devotion to the community, OCA and the hall.

Many people over the years have given gifts/donations to OCA in honor or memory of a person or event. OCA is looking for someone to be keeper of and recorder of these memorials and gifts — flags included. The journal will be provided; what’s needed is someone to just log in the specifics. The book will be kept by this volunteer scribe and made available for events and meetings in the hall. Call 323-3899 to volunteer.

Speaking of Poquatuck Hall, the Steven Blier concert last Saturday night was smashing and sold out. Please don’t miss the next very coveted performance, scheduled for Aug. 27. Tickets are limited. If you are unfamiliar with this musical artist, I suggest you Google him. Call Jane Smith or go to for more details and reservations.

There is one more Poquatuck Hall request. The newly restored floor is outstanding and needs to be kept clean. It was suggested that one way to do that would be to purchase a “roomba,” since the size and surface of the hall’s floor seems to be perfect for this visionary robotic technology. It would keep crumbs and such from settling in between the boards. Is there anyone out there with a roomba that’s no longer in use? Or who would be interested in donating a new one to OCA? (It will be recorded in the aforementioned journal.) If you don’t know what a roomba is, call, I will explain.

I had a personal ‘visualize this’ this week. Ever in pursuit of a bargain, I purchased a pair of black slacks at a major department store for $4. I was bragging to Sarah that even though they were a size smaller than I usually wear they were so roomy around the waist. We both roared when we read the label inside: “Baby on Board.” Anybody need a pair of maternity pants?

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