Oysterponds: Local author to read from recent book

My Facebook status this weekend said “Man plans: God laughs.” Well ain’t that the truth? If you don’t agree, ask the Sabatinos, the Goldens, Steven Blier, members of Big Band East, Rona Smith, OYC and OCA members and scores of folks who took off the last week of August for a tranquil vacation.

I’ve never seen Steven Blier perform and felt so lucky to catch a part of his rehearsal in Poquatuck Hall Thursday afternoon. (I was the one with an ear pressed to the window on the corner of Village and Skippers.) Now I understand how magical the concert would have been. I hope someday we will be able to reschedule this talented group.

For others who didn’t know, Aly Sabatino and Ryan Golden had planned to be married Sunday in Port Jefferson. I say planned since this no-electricity thing has thrown a monkey wrench in communication. Speaking of planning — and Aly — Southold Town is lucky to have snagged such a bright, educated young woman to be part of its planning team. Congrats on your new position, Aly; please check in and share your wedding adventure.

One group that didn’t cancel its event was St, Agnes Church, which went forward with its  annual picnic (sans tent and the al fresco ambience) Saturday afternoon followed by a jam-packed 4 p.m. Msass. (I assume parishioners were hoping to pray Irene away.) All things considered, it was probably effective since Irene left only marginal damage here compared to places like North Carolina and Vermont. Having said that, I am only taking that from hearsay since on Friday afternoon, with the scars of Gloria/Bob still in etched in my memory, I hopped the Cross Sound Ferry, high-tailed it to Kennebunkport and knocked on my sister’s door, where Irene was a non-event.

Speaking of St. Agnes, all families with children in religious education programs there must reregister their children for classes. Please pick up a form at the church or the rectory. Registration closes Sept. 8 and classes begin Sept. 19.

East Marioneer Ellen Williams will read from her very special recent book, “We Are All in This Together,” at Floyd Memorial Library in Greenport on Sunday, Sept. 11, at 3 p.m. The book comprises memories from 40 local people, including Stash Droskowski, John Woodhouse, Elinor Faust, Rose Columbini and Jeannine Jayne. Ellen will also read from some of her others books. For those of you who don’t know, Ellen writes and reads from her heart. Don’t miss it.

The annual OCA meeting will be Saturday, Sept. 10, at 4 p.m. at Poquatuck Hall. A couple of weeks back I asked if anyone had a roomba to donate. How about a roomba to try out? Before OCA invests $400, it would be prudent to see in advance if it meets the hall’s cleaning needs. (Seems like a no-brainer, a big flat surface, no obstructions, etc.)

There is a very early deadline for next week’s column due to Labor Day. So if by some miracle the electricity has returned by Thursday, email me or call 323-3899 (I do have phone service) if you want to see it in the Sept. 8 issue.

Let’s all join in our nation with remembrance and respect and fly Old Glory on Sept. 11.