Oysterponds: Steven Blier concert Aug. 27 and Big Band East Aug. 28

It is a ‘small world’ after all — and I almost had a classic one Saturday. East Marioneer Corinne Fitting was enjoying her annual pilgrimage to the mouse (aka trip to Disney World) and Sarah saw on Facebook that she was there with her family. We didn’t run into each other at “It’s a Small World” as I had hoped, but Corinne did have a couple of good ones. She and daughter Gabriella popped into the boardwalk for lunch and noticed that the hostess’ name tag said “Mattituck.” Of course, the young lady’s mom was an English teacher with whom Corinne had collaborated when transitioning Oysterponds sixth-graders to Greenport.

Speaking of annual pilgrimages, the East Marion Thorp clan is recovering from the scores of family that recently descended on their bayfront compound. Close to 40 family members arrived from Florida, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York to catch up, chill out and break bread (in this case lobster). It was exhausting and fun for all.

Congratulations to Oysterponds fifth-graders-to-be Xavier Kahn (son of Deborah Kusa and Peter Kahn) and Bryce Grathwohl (son of Nancy Williams and Glenn Grathwohl), who took top honors at the East End Soccer Tournament on Aug. 12. The young men have been playing with their GEMO team since first grade. An injury kept Xavier’s twin Jacob from participating but he hopes to return to the active roster soon.

Don’t forget the second Steven Blier concert this Saturday, Aug. 27, at 8 p.m. at Poquatuck Hall. Limited tickets are still available. Check or call Jane Smith at 323-1378. It promises to be an unforgettable evening.

Big Band East (the authentic 1940s Glenn Miller-type swing band) will be back by popular demand Sunday, Aug. 28, and will share their talents in the Orient Congregational Church sanctuary at 5 p.m. (This way you can be home before dark and avoid the deer that are determined to wreck your day.) Tickets are $15 at the door. For more info call 323-2665.

If you open the dictionary to the person you thought least likely to have a heart attack, Mina Van Cleef’s picture would be there. The bad news is that she did have one on Friday; the good news is we have wonderful ER staff at ELIH who diagnosed it, packed her in an ambulance and sent her on the wings of a lot of people praying to Stony Brook, where the cath lab folks were waiting to make her “all better.” Is that a happy ending or what? We all continue to send her good wishes for a speedy 100 percent recovery.

Last week I asked folks to share their Oysterponds/North Fork memories of where they were and what their day/life was like on Sept. 11, 2001. A blog has been set up, so please send anything you’d like to share to [email protected] Next week, I’ll tell you how to access it. OHS has been compiling a written/oral history that, when completed, will be passed on to future generations for preservation. I chewed on this since it’s very painful for folks to even talk about 10 years later, but decades ago so many folks could tell you exactly what they were doing when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Thanks in advance for participating. Please, no political comments, just facts and feelings.

You know the phrase “Good night, Irene”? Mine for this week is “Go away, Irene.” Keep safe.

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