Business Profile: Interiors Styled

KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO | Design director Monica Kreischer in her home office.

Owner: Monica Kreischer

Year established: 2009

Location: Southold

Phone: 631-876-5205

Monica Kreischer’s Interiors Styled is an interior design service that caters to North Fork homeowners who want to sell their homes. “We create order from disorder,” says Monica. Interiors Styled can make a home more livable and marketable with a complete decorating makeover, or by adding and subtracting style elements, introducing touches of color, playing with scale or mixing old with new.

With over 20 years of design experience, Monica can rearrange, redesign and update interiors to create an attractive, fresh and uncluttered look, increase the home’s appeal to potential buyers or rejuvenate it with a new aura.

Interiors Styled appeals to savvy homeowners who want to create a custom look within their budgets. “We will work with you whether you want to stage your home for the most profitable sale or simply want to rearrange, restyle and refresh your home to create a timeless interior,” says Monica. “We want to freshen your home so the prospective buyer’s reaction is, ‘Wow … this home could me mine!’ ”

The goal of Interiors Styled is to maximize the seller’s investment. Monica works within the budget-minded client’s framework and to create a high-end look in any interior without spending a lot of money. “We will always suggest and recommend the appropriate mix to complete the project within the client’s budget parameters,” says Monica, adding that “this can be one of the best investments an individual can make in the process of selling a home in today’s difficult market.”

If staging furniture is needed, Monica can obtain the necessary pieces and arrange them as perfect visual props, or if a fresh coat of paint is called for to update a tired, drab space, Interiors Styled can provide color consultation and has licensed contractors available to get the job done quickly and professionally.

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