Golf Gazette/Jay Dempsey: Champions crowned across North Fork

It’s the time of year when shadows are longer, sunlight is more golden, cicadas serenade us from dawn to dusk. And throw in a hurricane for good measure.

JAY DEMPSEY PHOTO  |  Marie Santacroce and Evan Martilotta were this year's Island's End Club Champions.
JAY DEMPSEY PHOTO | Marie Santacroce and Evan Martilotta were this year's Island's End Club Champions.

This time of year also means that many golfers have competed in their club championships and the 2011 winners have been crowned.

Evan Martilotta and Marie Santacroce won the Championship Flights at Island’s End Golf and Country Club in Greenport. Martilotta defeated four-time club champion, Jim Sage, for his second club championship. Santacroce won her match over Anne Keating for her third consecutive club title.

Other winners at Island’s End were Tom Regan and Pat Cristol in the A-Flight. Ron Yedloutschnig captured the B-Flight trophy and Drew Levy was the C-Flight champion.

At North Fork Country Club, in Cutchogue, Andy Stype defeated Steve Flurry and Kristen Gambardella beat Sandra Leary to win their club championship titles.

Gambardella was down three holes after the morning round, but came back after the lunch-break with solid putting, capturing her second club championship. I asked her what she thought the turning point of the match was.

“John Ross’ mushroom soup and the chocolate milk shake I had for lunch after the first 18,” she said. When asked about her swing thoughts Gambardella had this to say: “I had no swing thoughts today. I play better dumb,” she said. “ I definitely play my best when I don’t think and keep it as mindless as possible. I just play the game.”

Stype’s victory marked his ninth club championship spanning six decades.

“I knew it would be a tough match against Steve,” Stype said. “My experience helps a lot, but doesn’t make it easier. My father taught me to keep a level head and hang in there even when I’m down. I keep it simple,” he said. “I try to swing harder and stay down as long as possible. I’ve seen players decelerate and the ball goes all over the place.”

Looking happy and exhausted Stype had this to say as he headed to the 19th hole: “It was a long day and I’m glad it’s all over.”

Also at North Fork, winners in the A-Flight were Cindy Wickham and William Kreitsek, Sr.

B-Flight champs were Kristin Sayers and Dave Fujita. Roger Flore won the C-Flight and Jack McFeely took home the trophy in the D-Flight. Nine-hole winners were Dot Russo and Edna Beirne.

Tee Times: John McCreary aced the third hole at Island’s End. This was the fifth career hole-in-one for McCreary. Cedar’s Golf Club in Cutchogue recently had holes-in-one by Matt Sirico on the fifth hole and Charlie Milling on the ninth hole.

19th Hole: A newly engaged couple were having a discussion. The groom-to-be confessed, “I’m a golf fanatic. I think about the game constantly and play every chance I can.” The bride-to-be pondered this for a moment and said, “Thank you for your honesty. Now I should tell you something about my past. I was a hooker. “No problem,” said the groom-to-be. “Just widen your stance a little and overlap your grip. That should clear it right up.” Courtesy of Terry Matthews.

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