Legislators to call out Levy for ‘unbalanced budget’

Members of the Suffolk County Legislature said Monday that County Executive Steve Levy’s proposed budget for 2012 is $130 million out of balance, according to a press release from presiding officer Bill Lindsay’s office.

Mr. Lindsay (D-Holbrook) said he will be joined by other members of the Legislature at a press conference Tuesday to discuss Mr. Levy’s budget proposal.

“A preliminary examination of County Executive Steve Levy’s budget reveals that it is more than $130 million out of balance,” the announcement states. “[The spending plan] has gaping holes in revenues, greatly underestimates many expenditures and eliminates or severely reduces key county services.”

“The County Executive has abdicated his legal responsibility to present a balanced budget and instead has left that basic responsibility up to the County Legislature,” the release continues.

Check back Tuesday for coverage of the press conference and reaction from the County Executive.