NY Times weighs in on Suffolk Times, News-Review buying spree

The New York Times published an article Friday on the recent buying frenzy of the Sept. 22 edition of The Suffolk Times and the Riverhead News-Review.

The article, on page A21 of Friday’s edition, states “It is possible there is some larger lesson for ailing newspaper sales in the sudden good fortune of The Suffolk Times and The Riverhead News-Review, two modest Long Island weeklies that saw an unprecedented sales spike last week as mysterious buyers swooped in to buy every copy they could.”

It goes on to mention parent company Times/Review’s owner Troy Gustavson’s column this week where he speculates who could have been behind the buying spree.

“‘In a column in the editions on Thursday, he speculated, tongue in cheek, that the sales spurt could have been the work of ‘someone involved in a truly monumental school project; someone really proud of their grandchild on the honor roll; someone with a great deal of precious glassware to pack; or, as I suspect, someone intent on suppressing the dissemination of a particular news story.'”

NY1 also mentioned the piece today.