Oysterponds: Kudos to Southold Town emergency shelter volunteers

There was a very special moment at Saturday’s annual OCA meeting when Supervisor Scott Russell presented a proclamation to Ed Wright for his years of dedication and service to Poquatuck Hall, OCA and our community in general. It was perhaps also a sneaky way to get Mr. Russell to witness firsthand the enormous amount of labor that has gone into renovating this historic building. He also inspected the sidewalk and the corner and, because Poquatuck Hall is a polling place, agreed that the sidewalk needs to be made handicapped accessible, which will be added to the town’s “bucket list.”

Ed spoke very graciously about our community, the honor of having the opportunity to live here and all the volunteer opportunities Oysterponds provides. Congratulations, Ed!

Speaking of volunteering, many thanks to Ted Webb, Ann and Bob Hulsemann, Jim Franke, Sarah Olmstead, Bob Scott and Diana Whitsit (let me know who else I left out) who were on duty at the Southold Town emergency shelter that was opened at the school during Irene. Since it was a “pet- friendly” shelter, the first challenge was to figure out how to accommodate the first guest, who arrived with a huge parrot in a cage. The parrot was not dog-friendly. But all was well that ended well on many fronts. Thanks to everyone, including our Orient vamps.

More on this next week, but the Orient Fire Department has been sending lots of aid to our upstate neighbors in Vestal, N.Y., whose firefighters have been overburdened due to the wrath of Irene. I will give you the specifics next column.

East Marioneer Alice Lehmann, who lives at the end of Rabbit Lane, reported that a canvas boat cover, snaps intact, washed up on her beach after the recent hurricane. You can contact her at [email protected] or 477-1237. Thanks for being a good neighbor, Alice.

Skip Wachsberger shared some exciting news last week. His memoir, “Into the Garden With Charles,” has been picked up by Farrar, Strauss & Giroux with a publication date of Jan. 31, 2012. The book brings to light Skip’s love for Orient and his garden and how, after he met Charles, the garden flourished, as did their relationship. It also talks about this very loved Orienteer’s struggle with incurable cancer. The original limited edition copy won the Garden Writers Association 2011 Award for Best Illustration. The upcoming hardcover copy will feature one of Skip’s watercolors in each chapter. It has been his dream to have this happen and we all congratulate him on this milestone.

OYC had a super year-end soiree thanks to Kathleen Becker and Debbie Parker and their committee. Even the raccoon that startled everyone by rubbing against people’s legs as they ate dinner outside seemed to have a good time. Good for the raccoon; scary for the diners. It was one way to get everyone up on the dance floor.

When you see Helen Moisa next Tuesday, Sept. 20, be sure to wish her a happy 94th! WTG, Helen.

Mea culpa; I confused my days of the week. A very special belated happy birthday to Pep Kalin, who turned 80 years old on Sept. 14. He’s sure had a difficult year and I’m sure he will be happy to be looking at his 79th year in the rearview mirror. Let’s all hope for him that 80 is the charm. You can still drop him a note at P.O. Box 246, Orient.

After endless hours this week watching the coverage of the 9/11 10th anniversary, once again I feel the need to say “God Bless America.”