Video: Scientists from China tour North Fork wetlands

JENNIFER GUSTAVSON PHOTO | A group of scientists from China toured a salt marsh just west of Cornell Cooperative Extension's marine station in Southold on Thursday.

Three coastal scientists from China toured the North Fork this Thursday with local Nature Conservancy representatives, as part of a week-long tour of wetland sites throughout the United States.

The group from the East China Normal University in Shanghai met at a salt marsh just west of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s marine station at Cedar Beach in Southold, where Nature Conservancy staff members have been measuring sediment deposits in the marsh since April.

Dr. Liquan Zhang, an ecology professor, Dr. Bo Tian, a GIS and remote sensing professor, and Lin Yuan, an assistant professor of wetland and coastal ecosystems, learned about the Nature Conservancy’s techniques, which they said were more exact than their techniques, in part because the sediment deposits they are studying on the Yangtze River are around 20 centimeters per year, where as the deposits measured here are measured in millimeters.

The scientists plan to continue their tour with a trip to New Orleans later this week to speak with Nature Conservancy scientists studying marshes there.

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