Oysterponds: Congregation Tifereth Israel invites all to remember Kristallnacht Nov. 6

Last week it was the mysterious man in black on a motor scooter. This week’s question is: Who in blazes (as my non-potty-mouth mom would say) was the person sailing a small Opti-like vessel, trailed by a small chase boat, in Orient Harbor at the height of Saturday’s nor’easter? Is she/he alive to share?

As Americans, two of the things that sets us apart from the rest of the world are our ability to elect our government leaders and our freedom of speech. Please exercise these privileges next Tuesday — and if you don’t, don’t “kvetch” about the results.

Speaking of elections, the Orient-East Marion Park District’s monthly meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, Nov. 10, at 7 p.m. at the school. If you’re interested in running for a three-year commissioner position, call Albie DeKerillis at 631-300-8470 for a petition. Elections will be held at the December meeting.

Congregation Tifereth Israel in Greenport invites everyone to remember Kristallnacht, also known as the Night of the Broken Glass, this Sunday, Nov. 6, at 1:30 p.m. with the showing of the film, “The Wave.” Afterward, Sara Marcus will lead a panel discussion with teens from different religious traditions on the Holocaust and its relation to present-day issues. Kristallnacht occurred Nov. 9, 1938, launching the Nazi Party’s violence and pogroms against Jews and setting the stage for the Holocaust and the massacre of millions of innocent people. BTW, I had to look up “pogrom” — a violent mob attack directed against a particular group. I didn’t misspell it and you do learn something every day. For more info call Paula Shengold at 477-1234 or the synagogue at 477-0232.

As I was leaving the post office last week, I caught a man out of the corner of my eye playing the guitar in front of the ice cream parlor. I thought it was the beginning of “Occupy Village Lane” but it turned out to be Scott Tweedie just strumming a few bars. If we didn’t have the storm, it might have become a “happening.”

Speaking of happenings, most of you know that for 20-plus years I’ve hosted a “Cup of Christmas Tea.” The economy and energy level did me in last year, the first I have ever skipped. So I’m passing the baton and throwing out the invitation to anyone who might want to pick up this tradition. It started with 14 ladies and grew at times to over 200. Any day, time or venue (except Dec. 2-3), is fine with me. I’ll show up with the book and the tape, hankies for all and maybe even a few bottles of champagne. OK, the cookie is in your court. Meanwhile never did hear back about the deer whistles question. Anybody?

A couple of fun visuals this week. A few years back I bought a beautiful beaded Halloween sweater in Florida at Steinmart. (You know, the store where Joseph bought his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.) I hadn’t worn it and it still had the tags on so I was looking for care instructions. It said “remove battery pack before cleaning.” I chuckled; imagine me wearing a garment that lit up. (Wink.) So as I dressed to board a plane to Florida during Saturday’s turbulent record-breaking storm — I wish I didn’t have a visual of that. Can you spell air-sick? — I realized the entire sweater was strung with an internal web of lights. Visualize trying to explain to TSA why I was wearing a totally wired garment. It stayed north.