Oysterponds: Memorable Veterans days

On Friday morning I was fretting over where I’d be at 11:11 a.m. on 11/11/11, since I wanted to make it someplace I’d remember. Sarah and I were in Disney for the weekend and I’d just finished counting out the cash in my wallet. I had 11 singles, which must have been some sort of sign. Sarah jokingly said, “Oh, so we’re going to a strip joint?” It turned out we’ll remember where we were at the click of the clock and the singles went for a good cause. (I’ll share if you ask.)

Someone who had a memory of a lifetime at that moment was Country Store proprietor Miriam Foster, who spent the day in Manhattan volunteering for the Veterans Day parade. Her mom, Dinah Siever, has been a parade marshal for eight years, precipitated by Miriam’s sister’s service in the Navy. Miriam, whose assignment was to drive a golf cart with VIP veterans, said it was humbling and extraordinary to see the genuine outpouring of respect showered on these men and women. Another memorable experience was to drive a vehicle down Fifth Avenue without stopping for any lights. WTG, Miriam, for your spirit in doing this.

Speaking of the Country Store, Floyd Memorial Library launched an experimental satellite/mobile program there Nov. 16. Every other Wednesday starting at 1 p.m., the library will bring new releases — books, tapes, etc, — to Village Lane to accommodate those who can’t get to Greenport. Call Poppy Johnson at the library at 477-0660 for more details.

And speaking of our military, the East Marion-Orient Homemakers are gathering items to send to soldiers serving in the Mideast. If you’re aware of a local in that situation, call Mary Ellen Connor at 477-0995 with an address.

The Orient/East Marion Park District’s November meeting will be held tonight, the 17th, at 7 p.m. at the school. The agenda will be discussion of the park district election coming up Dec. 6.

Heather Cherepowich Walker is organizing a repeat of her very successful “Warm Hands, Warm Hearts” glove drive. Call her at 477-8456 or 276-1993 for details. The gloves and mittens will go to guests at the John’s Place homeless shelter and needy children in Southold Town.

From cold hands to cold paws. Tasha Bondarchuk is worried about her missing barn cat, a petite, very friendly calico who’s been missing for over a week from her Platt Road residence. If you’ve seen her, please call 384-7454.

A joint Thanksgiving church service will take place next Wednesday at 7 p.m. More to follow.

Don’t forget OCC’s church fair Saturday, Nov. 19, and the Lark concert at Poquatuck on Sunday, Nov. 20.

Most Halloweens in my house conjure up memories of the annual Oysterponds school parade down Village Lane. Now that Sarah is a teacher, we often revisit memories of the unique educators she encountered there. One experience that comes up every year is how scary it was when she and her first-grade classmates returned from lunch to find their teacher had turned into Viola Swamp, title character of the book they were reading, with a large, witchy nose, mole and all. Lee Chattaway Young was a dedicated, exceptional teacher. Even after retiring, she returned to substitute when available. Lee’s sudden death last week was a shock to all. Oysterponds extends sympathy to Fred Young, her family and the community on the premature loss of wife, mom, and friend. May you all find comfort and peace.

Early deadline, now, Thursday, for the Thanksgiving paper, which publishes on Wednesday next week.