Videos: Meet the candidates for Southold Town Board

We recently sat down for endorsement interviews with each of the candidates for Southold Town Board. On Nov. 8, North Fork residents will vote to elect two of the four nominees to a four-year term.

Here are the nominees:


Democratic challenger Nick Deegan has lived on the North Fork for 22 years and came to the United States from Ireland. He’s a Mattituck Parks District commissioner and has served as chairman of the commission. He has also been active in various community programs from Scouting and Little League to soccer and is an advocate for shared services among the various hamlets and park districts.


Republican challenger Jill Doherty is serving her first term as president of the Board of Trustees. Ms. Doherty has been a trustee for nine years and had worked in Town Hall as a clerk typist for 11 years. She’s a lifelong North Fork resident, who grew up in East Marion. Because she has worked in Town Hall for so many years, she said she’s ready to hit the ground running because she understands the work of the various departments.


Democratic challenger Marie Domenici has a corporate background and has served the current administration on its alternative energy committee. She’s a strong advocate of solar energy, who said she’s working to protect public health by pushing for environmentally safe energy. She described herself as the relative newcomer to the North Fork, saying she has seen what happened “up island” and doesn’t want that to happen here.


Republican incumbent Bill Ruland is seeking a second term on the Town Board. Mr. Ruland spent 24 years on the Mattituck Board of Education, 13 as its president, before becoming a councilman.