A night of music — and tribute — at Rothman’s in Southold

BETH YOUNG PHOTO | Fred Raimondo performs at Rothman's Art Gallery Sunday night in Southold.

Rothman’s Art Gallery in Southold was filled with homegrown North Fork singer-songwriters Sunday evening, but there was an exceptional absence from the festivities.

Ron Rothman, who has been responsible for filling the gallery with musical acts since last year, wasn’t there mingling in the crowd the musicians. His father, Bob Rothman, a well-known figure in Southold who operated the neighboring Rothman’s Department Store next door, died on Friday. The department store was founded in 1918 by Bob Rothman’s father, David.

Fred Raimondo, Rob Bruey and the duo “Second Hands” of Geoff Schroeder and Laura Hoch performed original songs of love, harmony and heartbreak for the crowd as the cold winter sun set.

“Ron said that Bob would have wanted us to have this show,” said Mr. Raimondo as he began playing.

Mr. Schroeder and Ms. Hoch’s debut self-titled album was released this year.

Mr. Raimondo, originally from Port Jefferson has played on the North Fork and throughout the tri-state area for years as part of an acoustic duo known as “Damaged Goods.”

Mr. Bruey, originally from New England, released a new album, “Silver Burning Sky,” this year.

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